Fanfic: Axis Powers Hetalia Episode 235

Axis Powers Hetalia Episode 235, created by kyokyo866, is a creepypasta came out of the blue in the Hetalia fandom and became one of the most infamous Hetalia tales. For good reason. The story is about Kyo watching her sister's bootleg Hetalia DVD and discovering a Lost Episode on it about the Axis on an Island, and they ran out of food. Germany and Japan were getting desperate and decided to get food in a different way, Italy getting the short end of the stick.

Despite being noted about it being a Creepy Pasta in the main description, the screenshots provided by her friend "Fia" and how the story was told had fooled a lot of people into thinking it exists. Slowly its fans are increasing little by little, mostly due to kyokyo866's "unoffical sequel" to the tale Regret, the aftermath of what had happened and how they cope with the guilt.

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Axis Powers Hetalia Episode 235 provides examples of the following tropes: