Fandom Specific Plot: Teen Titans

  • It's extremely common to see a fic where:
    • Batman or Batgirl comes from Gotham to entrust or request something from Robin.
    • Beast Boy turns back into his form from "The Beast Within"
    • Raven's long-lost demonic sibling appears.
    • Any and all variations of the High School A.U. (at least their ages don't need to be changed)
    • Slade has a new, OC apprentice, or an AU where Robin has been Slade's apprentice for longer than in canon.
    • Before the last episode was broadcast: Terra comes back from the dead. Often wrong. After it was broadcast: Terra "gets back her memories" or Beast Boy (w)angsts over Terra not getting back her memories, assuming that the writer is going with the Laser-Guided Amnesia angle (as the ending had several interpretations) and not the angles where Terra either faked amnesia to enjoy her normal life or isn't actually Terra.