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Fandom Specific Plot: Sailor Moon

  • Mamoru abuses Usagi or dies. Usagi runs to Demand/Haruka/SEIYA. ChibiUsa is either handwaved into a new child or ignored outright.
    • Alternatively, Mamoru abuses Usagi but she still stays with him for the good of the world and to have ChibiUsa. She then has an affair with Demand/Haruka/Seiya.
      • Usagi and Seiya's bastard child goes to the past/Earth to learn about her history (and accidentally get her parents back together)/purposely get her parents back together/stop her own birth.
  • ChibiUsa comes back from the future as a chesty teen and is much more badass.
  • Usagi is betrayed by Mamoru and/or the Inner senshi. She joins the Outers or Starlights, romances Haruka or Seiya, and is suddenly totally badass/capable/intelligent.
  • One that was popular in the early days of the English fandom: Amara abuses Michelle. Gary Stu arrives to tell Amara off and rescue poor, vulnerable Michelle from the "sin" of homosexuality. (Extremely discredited nowadays. Don't write a fanfic like this unless you want to be nuked from orbit by the rest of the fandom.)
  • Crossovers with Ranma where girl-type Ranma joins the Sailor Scouts are common enough to have their own name.
  • The Space-Time Door is often written as a magical scrying computer that Sailor Pluto uses to view the past, present and future of many multiple time-lines and universes, often to keep an eye out on "threats to Crystal Tokyo". In the actual series, the door is never shown to be anything but a door.

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