Fandom Specific Plot / Digimon

While there aren't many of these, there are a few examples.
  • Interseason-crossovers, featuring alternate universes. That this one was Canon doesn't hurt.
  • Likewise, interseason-crossovers, not featuring alternate universes.
  • Stories where the Digidestined learn to Bio-Merge, while not common, do exist. Notably, Dimensions uses this.
  • Fix Fics about the contested epilogue, usually replacing canon couple Matt and Sora with the Fan-Preferred Couple Tai and Sora, and sometimes adding in other non-canon couples like TK and Kari or Davis and Kari. In another sense, there are other fics that respect the canon epilogue, but attempt to fill in the long 25-year gap before the ending and the Distant Finale with how they got there.
    • Rewrites of the entire second season are extremely common, usually done for the purpose of patching up all the plot holes. Most of them follow the Emperor arc fairly closely, but after that, all bets are off.
      • Common changes involve expanding on the Dark Ocean and Daemon Corps episodes.
  • It is extremely common, especially on, to find Slice of Life shipping fics, moreso than fics taking place in the canon universe, usually limited to the cast of the first two seasons.
  • Many Season 2 fics focusing on Davis will more than likely have part of the plot revolve around the other Digidestined thinking less of him (including but not limited to: seeing him as a lousy leader or a nuisance, not believing he takes things seriously, etc.). This is almost always demonstrated by having the story begin with Davis being late to the computer lab and overhearing the other Digidestinednote  insulting him behind his back.
  • Sailor Earth scenarios were pretty common in the earlier years of Digimon's online fandom (and they are to some extent still around, often as an Old Shame). Usually this tends to involve an OC Digidestined finding a Digivice and joining the main cast, often with far too much familiarity with the setting.
    • This particular plotline is so familiar that it was lampooned in a fan comic strip where a stereotypical Goggles Boy finds himself in the digital world, albeit with far too much Genre Savvy for his own good. He immediately thinks that he will befriend and partner with the first Digimon he meets. Unfortunately, he meets one of the franchise's many monsters based on theropod dinosaurs and Reality Ensues as he is immediately bitten in two after wandering up to the Digimon and trying to pet it.