Fan Works / Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

When a fanfic gets that many awesome fanfanfics, you know it's doing something right. Warning: due to most of these being sequels to HPMOR, the summaries will contain spoilers for HPMOR''s ending.

     Sequel Fics 
  • Draco Malfoy and the Practice of Rationality: Year 2. Draco Malfoy is still coping with the death of his father and the unexpected revival for his mother, and, despite having been obliviated of the details, still knows he has something against Harry James Potter-Evans-Verre. Draco, growing more and more convinced that Harry is the Dark Lord in disguise, tries to uncover the plots of the last years and do something about it… Completed.
  • Ginny Weasley and the Sealed Intelligence: To the surprise of her whole family, the young Ginny Weasley is Sorted into Slytherin and turns out to be a Parselmouth, which quickly sends her on a quest for the Chamber of Secrets, where something both more wonderful and more terrifying than the legends is still working… Can Harry, struggling to act normally in spite of his Unbreakable Vow to protect the world at all costs, help her? Completed.
  • Significant Digits: We pick up seven years after HPMOR ended. The universe is well on its way to a Utopia, with Harry as a leading politician nicknamed the Tower and Hermione as an evil-fighting hero leading a group of prisoners freed and cured from Azkaban. All is not well, however: it's easy to make big plans for the future when you're 11, but many, many little-known magical forces won't surrender that easily. Eliezer Yudkowsky, the author of HPMOR himself, considers this the best sequel to his story, and considered making it canon at one point. Completed.
  • Hermione Granger and the Price of the Phoenix: Hermione Granger is now a hero thanks to the odd abilities she acquired from Voldemort, and Baba Yaga, who isn't dead after all, is back as a Hogwarts professor. Ongoing, just barely getting started.
  • A Crack Slash Epilogue: Years have passed, and the wizard world, under Harry's guidance, is now a very wacky but also very happy place indeed. This wackiness is actually the explanation for several hitherto-unexplained "prophecies" published by the Quibbler, which seemed like mere rubbish in 1991 but are now all coming true. Yes, including Harry getting Draco Malfoy pregnant. Completed One-Shot.
  • To Boldly Go: With eternity at their disposal, maybe Aurors might manage to kill off all of Voldie's Horcruxes after all. Very short one-shot.
  • Revival: Severus Snape, under his Animagus form, has witnessed the Boy-Who-Lived's defeat of Tom Riddle… and Hermione Granger's resurrection. Taking good note of the ritual Voldemort used, he decides to perfect it himself, hoping one day to revive his long-lost love Lily Potter. Unfortunately, his test subject is Lucius Malfoy, and when Lucius actually comes back from the dead, Snape finds himself to contact Hogwarts once again to hide what he's done. Meanwhile, Salazar Slytherin, formerly frozen in the Mirror of Erised, returns and tries to make sense of the modern world and of the convoluted plots of his heir Tom Morfin Riddle. Has started updating again after a long hiatus.
  • Sirius Black and the Prisoner's Dilemma: Although the real Tom Riddle is still safely unconscious and stuck as a rock, it would be foolish to assume he had no other plans at work. A mind-control device quickly infects Bellatrix Lestrange with all of Riddle's memories except for the last Graveyard confrontation with Harry, and the newly-formed Tom Riddle-clone is determined to #1 find out what happened to his real self, and #2 resume plotting to kill Harry. Meanwhile, a not-so-evil Sirius Black has escaped the other Death Eaters' fate and tries to rebuild his life, temporarily disguised as a Hogwarts student. Abandoned (or possibly on hiatus) at Chapter 5.
  • Hermione Granger and the Other Side-Effect: A silly little epilogue. There is one last, little problem to care about — it turns out, Voldemort's transferring a troll's powers to Hermione doesn't stop at mere invulnerability and superstrength: she begins to grow, and grow, and grow…
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Chaos: Probably the least well-received of the sequel fics, Harry Potter and the Methods of Chaos picks up years after Harry's graduation. He is now a wealthy businessman in both the muggle and magical worlds, as well as a researcher. With the help of a mysterious wizard by the name of Monroenote , he battles a Horcruxed Draco Malfoy. Completed.
  • Harry Potter and the Irrational Odyssey: Harry has emerged victorious and is now on course to bring about a global-scale paradigm shift. Or is he? What if things aren't as they appear? What if Harry misinterpreted the riddle? Immediately after Harry's conversation with Hermione, the world morphs and he finds himself back in the Potions-brewing room with Professor Quirrell. Everything after chapter 108 of HPMOR is recontextualized as having taken place within a False Memory Charm.

     Others HPMOR-compliant fics 
  • HPMOR - The Missing but Necessary Chapters: Sort of an assortment of non-contradicting Midquels: chapters that could have taken place between the "real" chapters, and, though they add nothing to the narrative itself, answer some fun questions no one bothered to ask in the original.
  • Educational: A brief one-shot of Draco Malfoy's thoughts during the Self-Actualisation chapters.
  • Still in the Mirror: Exactly What It Says on the Tin: the whole ending after the Mirror of Erised scene, where everything seemed to be going Harry's way for some reason, was actually an illusion cast by the Mirror itself, showing his heart's desires. Can Harry, Hermione and Tom Riddle realise they are in a Lotus-Eater Machine before the Mirror draisn the world of all energy to sustain the artifical world it created for them? Completed One-Shot.

     Single Point of Depatures 

Other Continuities:

These stories branch out at a single point of the story Doylistly speaking, but Watsonianly take place in a completely different universe, with the reveals of what happened before the point of depature also being different.
  • Following the Phoenix: Fic branching out at Hermione's trial, where she is, indeed, sent to Azkaban. Building its own plot from there, the story has its own answers to the riddles of HPMOR, and thus is not technically a For Want of a Nail story. Completed, and popular enough to receive two distinct, shorter sequels:
    • Following the Phoenix — Flashes: The official sequel, written by the same authors. Flashes of the few months following the ending of Following the Phoenix as Muggles discover the Wizarding World and new solutions are being looked for for old problems. Probably completed.
    • Squiring the Phoenix: Actually a fanfanfanfic, written by someone else before the Flashes, with a similar subject. Harry and Hermione work on the Resurrection Stone and Philospher's Stone, trying to find ways to cure death for good. Completed.
  • Depart Azkaban: Similar premise: Hermione is indeed sent to Azkaban. However, this leads Harry to immediately set out to destroy it. Once she is saved, this result in a stronger bond between the two, and an increased determination to defeat Professor Quirrel when they realise he is behind it all. Sadly abandoned at Chapter 12, though it can be read as a standalone story as it is, since it ended with a story arc's closing.
  • Nothing Left but Fire: Alternate final arc. Harry has one week to prepare for his showdown with Tom Riddle. When Riddle announces that he intends to enslave the whole universe, Harry decides that the probablity of there being dozens of alien civilizations outweighs the fate of the Earth (and his own), and decides to blow up the whole planet, taking himself, Tom Riddle and his thousand Horcruxes with him.
  • Harry Potter and the Cryptographic Key: Ending fic branching out after Chapter 101. Harry discovers that he is, through time travel, the original creator of Magic, and the loop is closed in a last battle with Voldemort. Completed.
  • Hacking the Source of Magic: Another ending fic branching after Chapter 101 — except that one is very pessimistic. Harry was right, the Source of Magic is indeed a kind of supercomputer; and maybe, just maybe, it would only take a little clever hacking to reprogram it to cure death. But dabbling in forces you don't understand is never a good idea. Completed.
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Zombie: When Hermione leaves a ghost behind, Harry begins to wonder whether souls really might exist after all. Completed One-Shot.
  • Minds, Names, and Faces: Branching out at Chapter 105, offering completely different answers to HPMOR's riddles. Completed.
  • One Level Deeper: An early fic where Professor Quirrel is the one to teach Harry Occlumency. Initially meant as an actual single-point-of-depature, but the author's failure to correctly predict the answers to the riddles in HPMOR makes Quirrel, in retrospect, be highly out-of-character. Completed One-Shot.
    • The author later went on to marry Eliezer Yudkowsky. Is there even a trope for that?

Actual Single Points of Depature

How the story could have gone if some choices had been different, working from the same background.
  • A Strip of Cloth: An alternate version of Hermione's trial. One of the tricks Harry tries to save her from Azkaban is to make her part of House Potter, to use a blood debt between House Potter and House Malfoy. However, there is a certain other way than servanthood for a young girl to officially become part of a young boy's family… Completed One-Shot.
  • Nonlinear Regression: Giving HPMOR a Gainax Ending (branching out at Chapter 114). Completed One-Shot.
  • Asking for Help: Alternate ending to Chapter 89. Dang it, anyone raised in a first-world country should know having your legs bitten off doesn't have to mean Death, magic or not, if you get to a hospital quickly enough. Completed One-Shot.
  • Reductionism for the Win: Harry gets a phoenix, and a little clear thinking makes him realize that if you can travel instantly, this is basically the same as travelling back in time. Which will allow him to fix a few things that have gone wrong lately, beginning with Hermione's death. Completed One-Shot.
  • Innocence: Harry accepts the Phoenix's call in Chapter 85 and flies off to Azkaban… though he might not survive. Completed One-Shot.
  • Proximity: A more optimistic and stretched-out version of what happens when Harry and Hermione tackle Azkaban, determined to destroy the Dementors for good. Completed.
  • Headmaster Potter-Evans-Verres: Inspired by one of the Omakes on how the Sorting could have gone. Recognizing Harry's genius, the Sorting Hat orders he be made Headmaster of Hogwarts, which is kind of problematic when he only learned magic existed in the first place two months ago. Abandoned at Chapter 4.
  • Dark Lord Material: Around Chapter 85, the plot diverges as Quirrel decides to teach his students to cast the Killing Curse. Worried by his innate ability to cast it perfectly and other signs of repressed homicidal tendancies he begins to discover within himself, he confides in Hermione and both decide to rebel against Quirrel. Abandoned at Chapter 9.

     Inspired HP fanfics 
These stories do not share a universe with HPMOR, but result from the same basic principle of applying rationality and/or Transhumanist ideas to the Harry Potter universe, and were inspired by HPMOR.
  • The Philosopher's Red Herring: Alternate ending chapter to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The Stone never existed and was merely a distraction: Flamel is immortal thanks to clever munchkinism of another magic item of which we did know of… Completed One-Shot.
  • Harry Potter and the Natural 20: A somewhat odd, but well-received crossover between Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons where a miscast spell sends a D&D character into the Harry Potter universe. As this character happened to be a Munchkin, he resumes his old tricks, except it's the rules of canon Harry Potter magic he's abusing. Obviously, this leads to the same kind of clever exploitations as what HPMOR!Harry tries to find. Abandoned…ish around Chapter 112.
  • Hermione Granger and the Perfectly Reasonable Explanation: The initial setting is the canon universe, but this story takes more reasonable notice of Hermione's intelligence and talents. The other major difference is that an older Hermione from the canon universe is accidentally sent back to this world's 1991. Ongoing.
  • Voldemort and the Struggle for Life: AU of Philospher's Stone diverging at the confrontation in front of the Mirror of Erised. Not every rumor is grounded in reality: the stories Harry has heard about Voldemort turn out to be an exaggeration, and Voldemort to be a rather nice, if awkward and conflicted man in desperate need of help. Harry is convinced to let him borrow the stone and he then takes him to his lair to explain some things in details. Ongoing.