Fan Preferred Couple: Web Original

  • RWBY:
    • Before the series came out, Ruby and Weiss were shipped together constantly. This was most likely caused by the DeviantArt author LunarisFuryAileron, whose RWBY 4komas were featured on Monty's Twitter a few times. This continued on even after Ruby and Weiss were revealed to have very different characterizations than what the fandom assumed.
    • Blake and Yang shared almost no interaction before they became teammates halfway through Volume 1, but that hasn't stopped the so-called Bumblebee pairing from being one of the largest pairings in the show. Fans were delighted when the show teased them together in a little heart-to-heart talk in Volume 2.
  • Enough comments appeared on the Worm threads shipping Skitter and Clockblocker together that the author had Clockblocker explicitly sink it in canon.
    • Beyond Skitter/Clockblocker, other pairings like Skitter/Panacea and Skitter/Tattletale tend to be much more popular than canon pairing Skitter/Grue.
  • It would probably be easier to name the This Is It fanfics and fanart that don't ship the Notebook and Tony the Talking Clock. The two of them have never interacted, and they've never been onscreen at the same time for more than a few seconds.