Fan Preferred Couple / Animated Film

  • Since Victor from Corpse Bride spent a lot more time with the Corpse Bride herself, rather than his actual love interest, that pairing is a lot more popular.
  • The Secret Of NIMH has Justin and Mrs. Brisby. Some fans tend to mistake Justin's chivalry as romantic advances on the widowed female of another species. A rumored storyboard depicting the two of them kissing only escalated matters (but Don Bluth debunked it as a hoax).
  • In Disney Fairies, Terrence was supposed to be Tink's love interest, but a significant portion of the fandom thought he was a pretty boy caricature, and thought that Tink/Bobble was much more appealing.
  • Historically, Rolfe does marry Pocahontas, but since the original film is considered vastly superior in quality and is obviously much more popular than the direct-to-video sequel, John Smith and Pocahontas endure as a more popular pairing. Evidently Disney agrees, as most secondary and merchandising materials make no mention of Rolfe. Disney almost never acknowledges direct-to-video sequels anyway.
  • Within the Goofy related parts of Disney, there's Max's love life. In A Goofy Movie he was given a girlfriend named Roxanne. In the sequel she doesn't appear, but she pops up in House of Mouse. Come Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas, and he has a new girlfriend. Undoubtedly, Max/Roxanne is the Fan-Preferred Couple and many fans make Fix Fics about this. Though whether "Twice Upon A Christmas" is canon with to begin with (or even in what canon) is something to consider.
  • The An American Tail franchise has the Fan-Preferred Couple of Tony and Bridget. Interestingly this was a canon pairing initially, but later Direct-to-Video sequels wrote Bridget completely out of the story with no explanation, and had Tony swooning over an Indian Maiden named Cholena. Fievel and Cholena are also another Fan-Preferred Couple, sharing adorable Duet Bonding at one point in the movie (and this pairing is also helped by fans who prefer Tony staying with Bridget).
  • Fanfic writers love shipping Nico and Pedro from Rio.
  • Littlefoot/Ali is pretty popular in the The Land Before Time fandom.
  • A combination of Foe Yay and an eventual mutual respect has made Rattlesnake Jake and Rango this.
  • Fans of Bolt ship Bolt and Mittens due to their heartwarming friendship in the film.
  • Despite Word of God saying they wanted Dusty and Ralph to be the Official Couple in Balto, most fans prefer to pair Dusty with Kodi instead.
  • Felidae has Francis/Felicity. Which might have happened in canon had Felicity not been gruesomely beheaded.
  • ParaNorman has very a questionable one - Norman and Aggie. Some find the shipping weird because they are related, but it is also justified because of three hundred years of genetic separation. Also, the song Little Ghost in the credits really enforces it.
  • While Lucille ends up with Raoul in A Monster in Paris, many fans prefer her with Cute Monster Francoeur instead, even though Word of God says they are Like Brother and Sister.
  • In Rise of the Guardians, Jack and Bunnymund is the most popular as seen by the most amount of fan works devoted to them due to their initally cold (No Pun Intended) relationship that warms up over time.
  • The Yaoi Fangirl faction of The Road to El Dorado is, unsurprisingly, siding with the Tulio/Miguel pairing, due to the closeness and chemistry of the two main characters. Fueling this are various stories that they were intended to be a gay couple, before being vetoed by hire-ups.
  • Frozen:
    • Fans love shipping Elsa and Anna, more so than any other pairing, due in no small part to the film's subtext.
    • Hans and Elsa have a strong following despite the fact it's near impossible in canon due to Elsa being unlikely to fall for the man who attempted to kill her and her sister, let alone let him anywhere near Arendelle.
  • The most popular ship in Big Hero 6 is between the brothers Hiro and Tadashi, likely because no other emotional bond is really explored besides Hiro and Baymax's.
  • Zootopia has Judy and Nick, their Odd Couple dynamic along with constantly snarking at each other Like an Old Married Couple makes it pretty easy to see the two as a couple. The fandom seems equally split between those who want a Relationship Upgrade and those who want them to stay Platonic Life Partners.
    Nick: You know you love me.
    Judy: Do I know that? Yes, yes I do.