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Fan Music: Homestuck
> Observe fan-made additions to established sick beats.

The music team aren't the only ones who make music for Homestuck; the comic has gone on to inspire a massive array of fan-produced songs and remixes, to the point where there are several organised unofficial albums full of fan compositions. Perhaps it's a bit of an error to say that, though; some of the music featured in the albums is from members of the music team but could not be released on official for whatever reason, or was created and posted freely before they joined the music team. The unofficial albums comprise just a tiny amount of the vast body of fanmusic out there. Much like the official Homestuck body of musical work, it's a very eclectic mix!

The First Fanmusic thread on the forum is here

As with the official music, gushing about this stuff goes over on the Awesome Music page.

The "Homestuck Gaiden'' albums, in addition to other fanmusic endeavours:

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     Gaiden: Homestuck for the Holidays 
  • Homestuck for the Holidays was the first unofficial album; that said, it was made by the music team and it was fully supported by Andrew Hussie. It was released on Christmas Day, 2010; all proceeds from its sales go to Child's Play. It contains 23 tracks:
    • Time for a Story
    • A Skaian Christmas
    • Anthem of Rime
    • Pachelbel's Gardener
    • Carefree Perigee
    • The More You Know
    • The Squiddles Save Christmas
    • Billy the Bellsuit Diver Has Something to Say
    • Squiddly Night
    • The Santa Claus Interdimensional Travel Sleigh
    • Land of Light and Cheer
    • Gog Rest Ye Merry Prospitians
    • Carolmanthetime
    • Candlelight
    • Oh, No! It's the Midnight Crew!
    • Let it Snow
    • Hella Sweet
    • Shit, Let's Be Santa
    • Choo Choo
    • Oh God, Christmas! (Bonus)
    • A Very Special Time (Bonus)
    • Candles and Merry Gentlemen (Bonus)
    • Audio Commentary with Robert J! Lake, Nick Smalley, and Hanna Nakamura

     Gaiden: Land of Fans and Music 
  • Land of Fans and Music: Homestuck Fan Music Album One is a compilation of fanmusic, the tracks originating anywhere from the early days of Homestuck to the very recent. In addition to music from fans, it contains tracks from some members of the music team dating from before they joined the team, as well as a handful of music team tracks that weren't released officially either due to sounding too similar to other songs or other legal reasons. The organizer behind the above album has confirmed more albums will come in the future, using both music that simply wasn't selected for the first album from the vast amount of fan music made, and directed projects revolving around a theme. It contains 53 tracks:
    • Beginnings (Press Start to Play)
    • Downtime
    • Doctor (Deep Breeze Mix)
    • Meltwater
    • Crystalanachrony
    • The Land of Wind and Shade
    • Thought and Flow
    • First Guardian, Last Stand
    • Land of Wrath and Angels
    • Ruins of Rajavihara
    • Vigilante ~ Cornered
    • A Fashionable Escape
    • Clockbreaker
    • Quartz Lullaby
    • Dance of the Wayward Vagabond
    • Joker Strife
    • Sunshaker
    • Sburban Rush
    • Prince of Seas
    • Atomik Meltdown
    • Jackie Treats
    • Skaian Air
    • Sburban Elevator
    • Moody Mister Gemini
    • Starkind
    • Maibasojen
    • MeGaDanceVaNia
    • SadoMasoPedoRoboNecroBestiality
    • Under the Hat
    • Sburban Piano Doctor
    • The Hymn of Making Babies
    • Emissary of Wind
    • Land of Quartz and Melody
    • Midnight Spider
    • House of Lalonde
    • L'etat de l'ambivalence
    • Growin' Up Strider
    • Nakkadile
    • Vigilante
    • Jack and Black Queen
    • A War of One Bullet
    • Corpse Casanova
    • Salamander Fiesta
    • MegaloVaniaC
    • Shame and Doubt
    • Growing Up
    • The Drawing of the Four
    • Ira quod Angelus
    • Final Stand
    • Farewell
    • Heir-Seer-Knight-Witch
    • Cutscene at the End of the Hallway

     Gaiden: Jailbreak Vol. 1 
  • Jailbreak Vol. 1 is an album dedicated to Jailbreak, the first webcomic under the MS Paint Adventures banner. It consists entirely of chiptune tracks of varying complexity, and contains 31 tracks. It is the only for-profit fan album, but they still give you the option of downloading it for free.
    • Fanfare
    • Jailstuck (Intro)
    • Title Screen
    • Logorg
    • Elf Shanty
    • Phantom Echoes
    • Assail
    • Confrontation
    • Rising Water (Oh, Shit!)
    • Moment of Pause
    • Bars
    • Jackknive
    • Intestinal Fortification
    • Console Thunder
    • Be the Other Guy
    • Softbit
    • Drillgorg
    • Retrobution
    • Game Over
    • Is This the End?
    • This is the End
    • nsfasoft presents
    • A Common Occurrence (Every Night, To Be Exact)
    • Useful or Otherwise
    • Dr. Squiddle
    • Distanced
    • Mechanic Panic
    • i told you about ladders
    • b a w s
    • Softbit (Original GFD Please Shut the Fuckass Mix By Request Demo Version)
    • Audio Commentary Featuring Robert J! Lake, Nick Smalley, Luke "GFD" Benjamins, and Erik "Jit" Scheele

    Gaiden: Tomb of the Ancestors 
  • Tomb of the Ancestors is a solo album from music team member Robert "Kali" Blaker. The album is meant to be a soundtrack of sorts to the ancestors, much like Alternia was meant to be a soundtrack for the trolls. In it, each ancestor is given their own theme, although (similar to Alternia) some of them were written before the characters were properly revealed. It is currently the only name-your-price solo album, but problems with PayPal have resulted in this being the norm for Homestuck Gaiden in the future. The album contains sixteen tracks:
    • twoward2 the heaven2
    • wwretched wwaltz
    • —Empirical
    • Dishonorable Highb100d
    • Immaculate Peacekeeper
    • 0_0
    • pawnce!
    • R3DGL4R3
    • Spider8ite!!!!!!!!
    • Green Sun (Bonus)
    • June, or July (Bonus)
    • Valhalla (Scratched Disc Edit) (Bonus)
    • Spider8ite (Thief of Lounge Mix) (Bonus)

    Gaiden: SBURB OST 
  • SBURB Original Soundtrack is, as the name indicates, a hypothetical soundtrack for the SBURB game itself. It contains 56 tracks:
    • 覧DISK 1覧
    • Waiting For Adventure [Loading Screen]
    • SBURBan Prelude [Main Menu]
    • Meta Choices [Options]
    • Ignorance Is Bliss [Tutorial]
    • Metamorphic Choices [Kernel Prototyping]
    • Dawn of the End [Countdown]
    • A Spirited Conversation [Sprite Interaction]
    • Layers Upon Layers [Build]
    • STRIFE! [Battle]
    • Mysterious Messengers [Exiles]
    • Overly Ostentatious Ogre [Miniboss]
    • The Porkhollow is Overflowing! [Echeladder]
    • Consort Air [Consorts]
    • Fraymotif Samba [Consort Shop]
    • Waking the Beast [Denizen Encounter]
    • Glow in the Distance [Save]
    • Lulling Lutescent [Prospit Sleep]
    • On Golden Dreams [Prospit]
    • Amongst Smiling Faces [Prospitian Dignitaries]
    • Grudge in A Minor [Jack Noir]
    • Lavender Lullaby [Derse Sleep]
    • Planet in Shadow [Derse]
    • Drolls and Dignitaries [Dersite Agents]
    • The Ultimate Riddle [Ultimate Riddle]
    • Eldritch Murmurs [Horrorterrors]
    • Outer Reaches [Veil]
    • Inner Depths [Labs]
    • Autogenesis [Ectobiology]
    • Broken Dreams [Prospit's Fall]
    • Paradoxical Meteor Shower [Reckoning]
    • Emerald Icarus [Green Sun]
    • 覧DISK 2覧
    • CumuloSeerus [Oracle Clouds]
    • Checkerboard Checkmate [Battlefield]
    • Skaiaward [Skaia]
    • Resurrection [God Tier]
    • Land of _____ and Frogs [Frog Gathering]
    • Rana's Abode [Frog Temple]
    • The Will to Fight Further [Denizen Strife]
    • Barren Session [Game Over]
    • Dilemma [The Choice]
    • Vulcanic Volcano [Forge]
    • Check the Chequered Castle [Battlefield Castle]
    • Endgame Execution [Black King Battle]
    • Where ribbIt All Began [Genesis Frog]
    • Higher Hopes [Game Complete]
    • Gods of the New World [Universe Creation]
    • 覧BONUS覧
    • The Untold Story [Skaia Exposition]
    • Melody && Form && Composition [Alchemiter]
    • Take Flight [Battleship]
    • Born to Die [Doomed Timeline]
    • The Will to Fight (Original Mix) [Denizen Strife]
    • Prime [Pause]
    • Godfight [PvP]

     Gaiden: Land of Fans and Music 2 
  • Land of Fans and Music 2: We Still Have No Snappy Subtitle is, as promised, the second compilation of fanmade Homestuck music, made by over 40 musicians, including Dante Basco. It contains 68 tracks.
    • *~DISK 1~*
    • Chronology
    • Jackpot
    • Satellite Physician
    • A Study in Skaia
    • Cuddlefish
    • Rectify
    • Rabbunctious!
    • Skaian Starstorm
    • Good Dog (Best Friend)
    • Unforgiving Terrain
    • CR1M1N4L, CR1M1N4L
    • Squiddles In Sunglasses
    • JackBot
    • Crystalguitarthemums
    • The Ballad of Maplehoof
    • Rainbow Rebirth
    • Psychedelic Psychodelic
    • Flare (With Vocals)
    • Sports
    • Dirgeish
    • Electrocumulus
    • Three In The Morning [Kali's 2 in the AM PM Edit]
    • Showtime [End Strife Remix]
    • Soulb0t
    • Fighting Spirit
    • Irradiated
    • He Is Already Here
    • Rise of the Denizens
    • Sburban Genesis
    • Who Mourns For Jack Noir?
    • The Seer and the Tribesmen
    • Four
    • Prospitian Lullaby
    • *~DISK 2~*
    • Brofessor Layton (Every Puzzle Has A Brolution)
    • ElecTrollCopSwing
    • Dance-Stab-Dance
    • Trapped
    • Till My Last Breath
    • The Note Desolation Plays
    • I'm The Doctor
    • Wind In My Heir
    • Fighting Spirit ~Second Form~
    • Corkscrew Sundown
    • Doghead
    • Jane's Theme
    • The Four Thrones
    • Jade Aubade
    • Blood Knight
    • In The Shadow of a Fractured Sun
    • Red Miles
    • Elegy for a Thief (Dreamscape Remix)
    • We Won't Wander Alone
    • Embittered Shore
    • Ye Flarey Gentlemen
    • Finale Strife
    • Gangsta
    • Joy And Dreams Eternal
    • Guns Blazing
    • Showtime (Skiv Mix)
    • Ugly Story
    • Dark Funk
    • A Stitch in Time
    • Ave Dei Novi
    • Nevermore (Can't Sleep, Crows Will Find Me)
    • Prophecy
    • The Dance of Oblivion
    • Alphamatic Replacement
    • Planetarium

     Gaiden: Land of Fans and Music 3 
  • Land of Fans and Music 3 is the third Land of Fans and Music compilation, containing 63 tracks.
    • ˚ Disk 1 ˚
    • The Delicate Art of Temporal Manipulation
    • Bite the Apple
    • Planet Cracker
    • I'm Not a Hero
    • confinis
    • Emissary of Dance
    • Dance of Viridian and Violet
    • Warweary Villein
    • Thermporia
    • [720413]
    • March of the Aluminum Soldiers
    • An Uncertain Venture
    • Hymn of the Horrorterrors
    • Sgrubian Wilderness
    • Medium
    • Fracta Sub Luna
    • Fool [Explicit]
    • You're the Hero (It's You)
    • Oh Hi There, Lil Cal
    • Courtroom Shuffle
    • Waveform
    • Maidswap
    • Sleepy Eyes of Derse
    • Sign of the Scorpion
    • Aqueous Armagourddon
    • Fortune Healer
    • Bathearst's Theme
    • The Metamorphosis of Rose Lalonde
    • Theme of the Slam Jam
    • ˚ Disk 2 ˚
    • Garden of Eden (Part 1)
    • Garden of Eden (Part 2)
    • Electric Fireflies
    • The Blast
    • Dominion
    • Run-Stab-Run
    • Tombs & Krypton
    • Contention
    • Slick Snow
    • Sord.....
    • The Demon and the Alien
    • Party of Three
    • Invertebrate
    • timaeusAmplified
    • Scabbard
    • Sketches in Black
    • Together (At Last)
    • Forest Fire
    • Retro Bution (ohgodwhy Remix)
    • Insomniac
    • Hope Remains
    • Maid in Spades
    • Gears and Chandeliers
    • Cold Steel
    • Pirates of Alternia: Dead Troll's Chest
    • Sunsoaked Heavenscape
    • Explore [Keygen Mix]
    • Oh God Boss
    • Dogfight (Dirtiest's Dubstep Remix)
    • Starblaze

     Radiation: The Baby is You 
  • The Baby is You is a joke protest album by Toby "Radiation" Fox of the music team. It was created to poke fun at a new rule on the MSPA forums that banned pregnancy art of the main cast; much as you'd expect, daring to mention it on the forums won't end well for you. It is sung in-character from the perspectives of John, Dave, Karkat, and Rose (with a minor cameo by Bro), and is completely batshit insane. Warning: It is very crude and NSFW. It contains nine tracks:
    • A History of Babies
    • Throguh Song
    • The Baby Is You
    • bootes
    • rose pragnant
    • the rose rap
    • uh oh
    • vs. bros
    • a baby is born

Music that is not associated with a particular album or project.
  • A large amount of it is on TinDeck - so much that the small website has now made Homestuck fanmusic its own genre.
  • Rachel Macwhirter: CR1M1N4L, CR1M1N4L is an upbeat song about Terezi's courtroom roleplaying which has since ended up on Land of Fans and Music 2.
  • The Update Song accurately captures the feelings of every Homestuck fan while waiting for and reading the updates.
  • This crossover tune with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • Savior of the Slamming Jam
  • Broadwaystuck, a whole crew of singers on Tumblr parodying various songs in-character.
    • One of these people is Broadway Karkat, who has a slew of both silly and serious songs— ranging from "Knight of Blood" (Black Parade), to Karkalicious (Fergalicious).
  • If there was ever to be a superlative dubstep song for Homestuck, Carnival would be it. The voice acting for Gamzee is absoultely perfect in fitting with the character, even making him sound more Ax-Crazy than it was thought possible!
  • Youtuber Ashley Lyons wrote lyrics to Derse Dreamers as well as several other Homestuck songs.
  • Call For Me (Calliope) is a hauntingly beautiful song from Calliope's point of view. And Answer Me (Calliope) is a companion song from Roxy's point of view.

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