Fan Fic / Zoomorph Pretty Cure

A Pretty Cure fanseries written by G.A.S.A at

When the Magic Realm is attacked by the evil organization Darkwinn, the crystal which protects the multiverse is shattered and its pieces fall on earth. A magician named Kyou goes after them but his body gets trapped between the dimensions and his soul is trapped in the body of a cat plushie (Who becomes a real animal after that). At the same time a girl named Shidou Akane transfers to Shinjuku Middle School and is chosen to be a Pretty Cure, while searching for the other four Pretty Cures and the crystal fragments.

Zoomorph means in form of an animal, as the entire series is animal themed: from the heronies to the mascots and even the villains and the chimeras. The author also had a bit of influence in Tokyo Mew Mew when writing the story.

The main characters are:

This fanfic contains exemples of: