Fan Fic / Zero vs Kira

"I am Kira, and I have come to answer the grievances of the people of Japan against the Britannian Empire. For seven years, Japan has been brutally oppressed to satisfy the greed, ambition, and imperialistic tendency of Britannia, but now I am putting an end to that oppression. The Britannian Empire must pull their forces out of Japan in 52 hours from now. If they do not, I will kill the Emperor and his children. And to demonstrate my power, I will take the lives of two of Britannia's agents of propaganda. They will die for spreading lies and misinformation for the sake of the occupation and to make it clear that even the Emperor is defenseless against my power."

Zero vs Kira by Crossover Maniac is a Code Geass and Death Note crossover where Light Yagami is teleported to the Code Geass world when a Britannian world-breaching experiment Goes Horribly Right. Furious that the Britannians tried to kill him and enslaved his country, Light introduces the power of Kira to the Code Geass world when he declares war on Britannia. Also seeing no immediate way of returning home, Light feels he may as well create the New World he envisions here. Meanwhile, Kira's activities have put a Spanner in the Works for resident Magnificent Bastard Lelouch's plans and as Zero he intends to do everything in his power to bring Kira down...

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