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Fan Fic: Total Cartoon Island Reanimation
Total Cartoon Island Reanimation is one of many stories written by Lordryu TJ.
This work provides examples of:
  • Almost Kiss: Peter almost kisses Heather, when Heather gives Peter a sudden Groin Attack.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Brian got the idea for his team's name, but was shockingly eliminated; afterward, he went to the dark side. At the end of Gulf of Meatballs, Brian tries to hang onto the wing of the jumbo jet, but slips off a few seconds later.
  • Big "NO!": Tyler in Gulf of Meatballs.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Homer in Gulf of Meatballs.
  • Cold Opening: Starting with episode 3, a recap of the previous episode
  • Crack Pairing: Peter/Heather, mostly in Gulf of Meatballs.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The chain confessionals in Gulf of Meatballs. First, SpongeBob goes "Wow!", then Peter says Chris McLean is awesome, followed by Doofenshmirtz shocked by Team Gopher's advantage ("What?!"), upon which Homer pulls out a Cluster F Bomb that gets cut off. Tyler drops a Big "NO!", and afterward, Harold complains a bit before the confessional chain ends.
    • Later in the episode, Peter quickly has sex with Heather after he won for his team.
  • Ear Worm: The Total Drama Island theme song.
  • Fan Nickname: Team Eagles have the following nicknames: The Eagles, The Eagle(s) Team, Brian's Followers and The Extreme Eagles. Team Bass?: Team Killer Bass, The Bass Pond, The Basses and The Killer Bass Pond. And Team Gophers: Team Screaming Gophers, The Gopher Tree, Peter's Gophers (in reference of Peter Griffin being the team captain of Team Gophers) and The Gophers.
  • Geek: Phineas, in some way.
  • Groin Attack: A few given to Noah and Phineas in part two of Egyptian Guy, the second total episode of the show.
  • Les Yay: In a oneshot taking place after Gulf of Meatballs, Heather receives a kiss from Lindsay, and is slightly freaked out.
  • Official Couple: Duncan/Courtney, Lindsay/Tyler, Geoff/Bridgette, Gwen/Trent.
    • Later, Peter/Heather.
  • Overly Long Gag: From above, the chain confessional seemed to enlong a usual confessional.
  • Precap
  • Previously On
  • Shocking Elimination: Brian in the first episode of this show.
  • Shout-Out: Peter threatens to kick people in the nuts. The Boondocks has a scene similar to that.
    • To iCarly: Homer complains similar to Spencer in the episode where the latter brings down a tech cart. "This is heavy!"
    • To The Amazing Race due to the fact that the three challenges in Egypt involving racing to the next location.
    • Most of the show is a shout out to the third season of Total Drama Island, Total Drama World Tour, because of the world trips and similar songs and challenges.
    • The title of the New York episode, Tactic of Liberty, does a shout out to the Statue of Liberty.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Peter, to a main extent, to Heather.
    • A possible extent for Cody, who might have a crush with Heather or Gwen.
      • Cody did know that pairing Gwen up with him would be too obvious.
  • Who Is Driving?: Happens in the first chapter, causing the plane to land in Egypt.
  • X Meets Y: Total Cartoon Island meets Total Drama World Tour, in a bigger extent.

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