Fan Fic: Toonville

Toonville is a fanfiction series made by LordryuTJ, started as the first fanfiction done by Lordryu, back in 2009. This show follows a crossover update, so when a good-enough cartoon comes during the series, that show is (sometimes) updated into Toonville. The show is a huge crossover overall with shows like Family Guy, Total Drama Island, Regular Show and so on from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, FOX, Disney, and more cartoon brands. This show is listed in the page for Lordryu TJ.

So far, there are four major versions of Toonville:

  • The original (made in 2009; 2 seasons, one finished, show officially cancelled in 2010)
  • The New Series (started in 2011; originally confirmed as 5-season fanfiction, but cancelled in favor of the 2013 revival)
  • The Official 2013 Reboot (in progress, first season confirmed, as well as pseudo-flashback episodes (episodes from before the "airing" of the first official episode)
  • In The Making (based on the original series; cancelled officially in 2010)

Toonville is one of various mega crossovers made by LordryuTJ, others being Total Cartoon Island (possibly cancelled), Toonville Wrestling Entertainment (cancelled) and Ultimate Crossover Wrestling (to be repackaged as Unified Universal Wrestling Federation.

This fanfic series, in short provides examples of:

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    In General 

    Official 2013 Reboot 

    The New Series 

    The original series and In The Making 

    Related stuff 
  • Losing Your Head: Gazpacho died this way in Welcome to the Showdown.
  • Screwed by the Network: And by network, I mean Lordryu personally cancelled his own old shows.
  • Shout-Out: The cancelled special, Welcome to the Showdown has a slight hint to Battle Royale.
    • The addition of Spongebob and Gazpacho made Peter's group feel like The Nexus from the WWE.