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Fan Fic: Through a Looking Glass, Darkly
Through a Looking Glass, Darkly is a Darker and Edgier fanfic retelling of SyFy's Alice, itself a Darker and Edgier retelling of Alice in Wonderland. Spoilers for that series will abound on this page. It follows a storyline that is pretty common in every version of a tale that takes place Down the Rabbit Hole: What if Alice had grown up in Wonderland?

The story follows Alice, mainly called Jelly or Jellybean, a Ten of Spades, as she turns to the Resistance when her father begins to go mad. It has plenty of flashbacks to Jellybean's childhood, and also does a lot to flesh out the Suits' way of life.

It was written for the Alice in Wonderland Big Bang. The master post is here.

Tropes that apply to this fanfic include:

Through A Diamond SkyTroper WorksThrough the Looking-Glass
    FanFic/Live-Action TVThe Dilgar War

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