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Fan Fic: The Strange Destiny Of Prince Blueblood
"The Strange Destiny of Prince Blueblood" is a fanfic written by Kavonde as a sequel to a previous story, "A Teacher With No Class."

After a visit to Cheerilee's classroom in Ponyville gives Prince Blueblood a slight mental breakdown, he decides to wander into the Everfree Forest in hopes of making sure nopony ever has to deal with him again. An encounter with Zecora puts him on a Vision Quest to discover his place in the world... which shortly leads to him sacrificing a loved one to unleash an army of the undead on Equestria.

Despite some rather dark subject matter, the story tries to keep a sense of humor, with cameos from the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth (as characterized by "My Little Denarians" author Chengar Qordath), and no shortage of self-deprecating snark from the prince himself.

This fanfic provides examples of...

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