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Fan Fic: The Path Of Absolution
The Path of Absolution is set of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fics written by Morning Star 1337. It is set in two different continuities from the show. Both beginning near the end of Ponyville Confidential where Diamond Tiara doesn't print the Cutie Mark Crusaders resignation and apology letter.

The continuities are:

Forgiveness: Is a Deconstruction Fic. Where after the CMC's letter plan failed. They must find a way to make amends while the Mane 6 comes to grips with what the fillies have done.

Punishment however is a few shades darker. With the CMC ran out of town by an angry mob and a great snowstorm looming on the horizon. But there's more to this blizzard than meets the eye...

Forgiveness can be found here and Punishment can be found here.

These fics are examples of the following:

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     Tropes found in both fics 
  • Alternate Continuity/For Want of a Nail: Both fics start at the end of Ponyville Confidential when Diamond Tiara chose to look at the letter in question. They are this to each other as well.

     Tropes exclusive to Forgiveness 
  • The Atoner: The CMC have shades of this at least.

     Tropes exclusive to Punishment 

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