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Fan Fic: The Otherworld Anthology
Not to be confused with The Otherworld Series, this is a fanfic anthology written by McGeesJabberwock, mostly dealing with Darker and Edgier versions of cartoons. This Otherworld is a realm of the mind, where everything anyone imagined or thought of is real, and is ruled by an evil faceless version of the Mad Hatter. It is also an afterlife for the insane but the living can go there, to their specific 'house' to create their own world to escape from reality, usually driving them insane in the progress.

Noteable stories in the collection include:

You can read these stories and find out more about the world here.

This also lead to 'Courage in Otherworld', a project being co-authored by Chris Gammon and CrazyCtCDFan, including their characters as well as putting Courage the Cowardly Dog through the world. Find out more at this website.

The Otherworld Anthology contains examples of:

Oskar Osäker: True OmnivoreFanFic/CrossoverThe Otherworld Series
The Only ProtectorTroper WorksPacific Rim

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