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Fan Fic: The Measure Of A Titan
The Measure of a Titan is an Alternate Universe that diverges not long after the Teen Titans Season 2 finale, when Cinderblock attacks a foster-care center and attempts to abduct one of the teens there. When he wakes up, he boy, David Foster, has no idea why; he dislikes using or even thinking about his powers and has kept them a secret all of his life. Raven doesn't trust him, but the Titans still take him into protective custody to keep him safe from Cinderblock, as well as help him use his abilities to defend himself. Which may be exactly what the villains want...

It would be a lie to say that the most interesting thing about this story is the character interactions, but only because the plot turns out to be even better. David Foster is an interesting OC who subverts the Black Hole Sue stereotype by being at the center of events as a victim, and against his will. And it's not only about him, though he does play an important part, but all the Titans get plenty of screen time and development alone and with each other. Most notable is David's refusal to believe that he is or could be a hero, regardless of how many times he ends up fighting. But in the background, shadowy figures are moving, and they will make him join the world of the capes, or else...

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