[[http://comicsbyshaenon.free-forums.org/comicsbyshaenon-forum-6.html The Mad Scientist Wars]] is an ongoing {{Fanfic}} story, set in the same universe as the webcomic ''{{Webcomic/Narbonic}}''. It also added ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' into the canon some time ago, and with the recent character originating from Literature/{{Discworld}} is becoming the strict Universe equivalent of a MassiveMultiplayerCrossover. That is, the ''canon'' may involve several different Universes, including original characters' backgrounds, but no characters from any of these works [[spoiler:except Jane Narbon's parents]] have yet to actually appear.

It started as a series of increasingly silly comments on the comments sections in the Narbonic Director's Commentary, before moving to its own forum, where it has--pardon the pun--''mutated'' into a sprawling, ongoing work.

So far, the plot has been divided into "Chapters"--each one, after the end of the very beginning's more chaotic start, run by a different player, who assumes the role of 'GM' for the duration. At 16+ chapters and over two full year of dedicated play, the game has currently spanned [[ArchiveBinge 275+]] pages of posts. (Luckily, a condensed Plot Summary is in the works for [[ArchivePanic new players]].)

The story [[ItRunsOnNonsensoleum can]] [[RuleOfFunny be]] [[RuleOfCool a]] little silly, and [[TropeOverdosed tropes]]--both played straight and subverted--are considered rules of the very universe...

Despite the silliness, a lot of effort goes into it. Character development has occurred over time, loads of extra material and backstory has been worked out--even a full explanation of the combined time line from two different canons being used.

Due to LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters once you hit the Secondaries, we recommend you visit the forum's 'Character Dossiers'. But following is a truncated list of the ''main'' characters--notably, each original main character is played by a separate forum goer. \\

- Ariel\\
Andrew K. O-P P. R. Tinker\\
- his Son, Fredric Z. Tinker\\
-Commander Primary Xerox\\
Jane Narbon\\
David Toboz\\
Thaddeus Atrius Guy (AKA That Guy)\\
Wallace Caine (AKA Wallycaine)\\
- Lagos, his henchman/pet\\
-Jess, aka 'The Chimera'\\
Dr. Amino, w/ Ingrid\\
Revel Cogson\\
-Miss Clay\\
-Dr. Kinestro\\
[=Herr Doktor=] \\
-Herr Greg \\

In general, the plots are issue based- a threat arrives, and the characters have to deal with it over the course of the chapter. Some characters are strict Heroes, some... not so much, so it;s hard to say who will be doing what any given chapter.

!!Provides Examples Of:

* FiveFiveFive
* ActionGirl, ''and'' DarkActionGirl... of ''Science''. Specifically, Chicgeek, Jane Narbon, and Jess are all good examples.
* AllThereInTheManual A lot of the plot makes more sense if you read the Tales of Madness, the Dossiers, and the Notes. Set aside a few months...
* AmbiguouslyGay Typically averted- most characters are very open about their respective sexuality, but there's still some questions to be asked about the Tinker Twins and [[FoeYay Dr. Mallory]]....
* Angrish: "This is Commander Xerox. If you are hearing this message, then you have angered one of our agents to the point of being incapable of coherent speech..."
** Run, ya numbskulls.
* AppliedPhlebotinum If it isn't ItRunsOnNonsensoleum, it's ''this''. Although, at least ''some'' attempt at Internal logic is attempted.
* BadassBookworm Most members of the Tinker family fit this trope-- they tend to be bespectacled, lab-coat wearing geeks who can kick your ass six ways to Sunday, save the world, and do it with ''science''. Dr. Andrew Tinker is probably ''the'' definitive example- he's an ''English Professor''.
* BadassLongcoat Subverted by most of the cast by said coats being Lab Coats, but played straight by the Viktor Twins, Fredric and Hawkwolf.
* BewareTheHonestOnes Mostly David Toboz.
* BewareTheNiceOnes Andrew, [=ChicGeek=], and David Toboz.
* BigRedButton [[GenreSavvy Actually, it's armed with an alarm, pepper spray, and a pit trap.]]
* BigWordShout Kinestro and his DOOOOOM! (TM)
* BizarreAlienBiology The martian slimes
* BreakTheCutie Mostly Pre-broken, but that hasn't stopped this from occouring in game as well.
* BrokenSmile Never a good sign.
* CallBack
* CatGirl It is all about Claire here
* CharacterAlignment Not a literal force of the Universe, but often used as shorthand by the writers.
* CharacterDevelopment (And how!)
* CharacterTics
* ChildrenAreInnocent Subverted across the board.
* CityOfWeirdos Xyon City.
* TheClan: The Heterodynes and the Viktor-Tinkers are of note. As are the Umbras. The Toboz's and the Narbons avert this somewhat.
* CloningBlues (Subverted-- so far, the only clones have been those of [=SoItBegins=], and there the clone is always a perfect copy, used as recovery after some sort of fatal accident. The clones never go angsty-- they just pick where the old copy of [=SoItBegins=] left off.) EDIT: As of Bluelight... never mind.
* TheCobblersChildrenHaveNoShoes You would think that the GenreSavvy Andrew would be better at recognizing his own Trope behavior...
* CollapsingLair (Used in The Game mini-arc, for the Video Game dungeons.)
* CommonSense Rare. The Last Bastion of Common Sense actually sells it to Mad Scientists.
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome Scattered here and there
* CrowningMomentOfFunny Amino
* DaddysGirl (Although for Chic, this is a major step ''up'' for her.)
* DarkIsNotEvil (Go figure. 'The Saya Demon', aka Sayasuke, is a good example of this, as he is a off-putting, scarred demonic being who turns out to be inherently noble. Andrew, also is best described as 'A Hero who Acts like a Villain'- in his style, not in deeds.
* TheDarkSide (Subverted-- the Mads tend to take being evil as just a fact of life.
* DeflectorShields (All over the place!)
* DescentIntoMadness If not seen in-game, likely explored in Tales of Madness.
* DisappearedDad (Eric Tinker, who's death caused Andrew to go mad in teh first place.
* DrinkOrder Coffee. Dear god, the coffee....
* DynamicEntry Always fun to write- the Mad Science Awards even had a special catagory for it.
* ElementsDoNotWorkThatWay Not that anyones really ''trying''....
* EvilIsCool
* EvilLaugh (EVERYONE. No exceptions.)
* EvilTwin Actually, Evil Twins of a pair of twins. Who actiually came first by several years. Long story. Cloning was involved.
** A more straight example of this is The Nega Verse, a universe of Opposite Alignment Clones. Has a suprisingly genial relationship with the Main Verse, and several 'Nega' characters have become favored Secondary characters.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin
* FairyCompanion Elleb.
* FatalFlaw (Well, they ''are'' mad scientists. Most have at least one- Andrew Tiker may be GenreSavvy, but at the cost of his CommonSense. He had been known to forget how to work a doorknob.
* FlawExploitation Easy to do, but not really recommended...
* FluffyTheTerrible, literally. In the form of a cute flying,talking, *[[KillerRabbit Vorpal Bunny]] named 'Fredric', formerly nicknamed... well, guess. [[spoiler:He later eats a magic artifact, and can assume human form. However, he keeps the Bunny ears...]]
* FoeYay There are several Hero/Villain pairs, many of them parents of the cast. Eric and Katty, Io and Viktor, and Dr. Goodbody and Dr.Omega are all examples. [[spoiler:As are Xerox and Jess...]]
* FreudianExcuse [[MadScientist Once Again....]]
* GambitIndex: See UnreliableNarrator. There's a lot of planning and counter planning and the fact that the GM switches seats every chapter makes events....confusing.
* GenreBlind Also fairly common, if mostly in side characters.
* GenreSavvy Quite a few people, and one of the primary advantage of the character Professor Andrew Tinker.
* GeographicFlexibility Xycon City, as the main location of the Wars is now named. Apparently it has large forests...
* GirlScoutsAreEvil, albeit only in a passing reference.
* GoKartingWithBowser Fairly common- it's been hinted that a lot of Heroes and Villains do this 'off the clock', as it were.
* GoodAngelBadAngel: Well, it IS a derivative of Narbonic...
* GovernmentConspiracy At least two, so far. [[spoiler: Possibly three...]]
* HandyRemoteControl
* HasTwoMommies (a male example. The Tinker Twins adopted Desius when he was ten. And more recently have [[spoiler:Had Eta Tinker with their (ex) rival, Dr.Mallory. Justified in that he was *going* to clone them for a vengance plan, included his own Dna as aprt of it, but couldnt go through with it. So... '''Three''' Daddies.]]
* HeroesGoneFishing / VillainsOutShopping It happens.
* HoldingBackThePhlebotinum
* HotLibrarian (And how! Minus that silly "taking off the glasses" part.)
* HoYay Canon and not-- there is a running joke that of made up "Fandom Pairings" that has a lot of fun with this.
* InertialDampening
* InstantSedation
* InvulnerableCivilians Subverted-- The hapless Brad and Janet thought that the Mad Science Convention would be a fun way to spend a weekend...
* ItRunsOnNonsensoleum Occasionally.
* KissOfDeath (Jane Narbon.)
* LaserGuidedAmnesia (Potentially subverted-- it's been suggested that David may have suppressed his own memory on purpose.)
* MadnessTropes At least 70% of them are used.
* MadScientist Who isn't?
* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter (By now, generally subverted across the board. It's implied that the whole Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter thing is misinformation spread by the Mads, to make it tough on the heroes (and fun for the daughters.))
* MagnificentBastard (Jane Narbon. Big time.)
* MalevolentArchitecture: Q, who has three settings, the lowest being "hard" and the highest "Indiana Jones". Castle Heterodyne is also this, though we hardly get to see it in action. EDIT - As of the latest chapter, you get all the deathtrap goodness you could ask for.
* MayIncaTec: Q again.
* MoreThanMindControl (Recently, Jane Narbon's been dabbling in this.)
* MysteriousPast (Frankly, it would be easier to list who ''doesn't'' have one at this point.)
* {{Nanomachines}} ([=SoItBegins=].)
* NerdGlasses (maybe 60% of the [[MadScientist Mad Scientists]] have these-- not all of them need them.)
* NightmareFuel (Maria Narbon. Brrrrrr!!)
* NoodleIncident (From Cake Mechas to The Line Dancing Incident.)
* OverlyLongName (Andrew Kaboom Omega-Particle Prince Risk-Tinker. Most of the Tinkers suffer from this, but Andrew has it the worst so far)
** Rolf have one as well. Rolf Erich Kaspar Steve Von Eisenberg, but like most jaegers, he goes by just his first name.
* PerfectHealth (Justified-- if you're a powerful MadScientist, why ''wouldn't'' you give yourself perfect health?)
* PowerBornOfMadness (Everyone. Seriously, The Mad Wars runs on this.)
* ThePowerOfFriendship-- Andrew Tinker is a firm believer in this, although at least he keeps fairly quiet about it.
* RedHerring
* TheReveal
* {{Revenge}}
* RewritingReality (Andrew Tinker's most powerful skill, as his knowledge of Literature allows him to re-write reality around him-- with some limits. Technically also makes him a RealityWarper, as he may be able to do this without writing.
* RuleOfCool Some things are too cool not to work.
* RuleOfFunny Amino, Kinestro and Olson
* ScaryLibrarian Enough so that a High-Level Villain, who rules 'his own country' starts stuttering when she gives him the glare.
* ScaryShinyGlasses (see Nerd Glasses, above.)
* ScienceRelatedMemeticDisorder (It's even referred to as such, despite working more like it does in the original {{Webcomic/Narbonic}}
* ShoutOut (Loads. It is a FanWork after all.)
* SpellMyNameWithAnS Xyon/Xylon/Xykon/Xyclon City. Xyon seems to be the most popular spelling, though.
** Ri Xean/Xi Rean/Rhy Zean the Martian.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe The Steve.
* SurveillanceAsThePlotDemands ([=SoItBegins=], during the Awards.)
* TakeOurWordForIt (That little... ''incident'' with the Guardian Statues. Also the Line Dance incident. And many more.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: Calvin and Hobbes are this trope.
* TravellingAtTheSpeedOfPlot Andrew Tinker can't travel at anything ''other'' than the speed of plot, which sometimes annoys him.
* TrueCompanions ([=ChicGeek=], Wallace, Desius, Andrew, and Fredric seem to form one of these.
* {{Tsundere}} (Katty Risk-- she ended up marrying him, though.
* UnlimitedWardrobe - Jane. Implied for some of the other characters as well.
* UnreliableNarrator (In this case, the third-person narrative text has proved to be... inaccurate on occasion, usually when dealing with one or more GambitPileUps.
* UnspokenPlanGuarantee (See Unreliable Narrator, just above. What you hear about future plans in the Wars may not be much, and it's not necessarily true. It's only when everything unfolds that you can be sure.)
* TheVamp (Jane Narbon. In spades.)
* VillainProtagonist (Most of the characters are.)
* VillainWorld: The Nega-World
* WrenchWench ([=ChicGeek=], a mad who specializes in SteamPunk designs.)
* WritingByTheSeatOfYourPants : Happens a lot.