Fan Fic: The Ed, Edd n Eddy Project

"Only on Dreadzone X where you can be part of the battle."
York the Impaler: Act V, Ch. 29

A trilogy that is a challenge. A challenge where to get the "What If?" scenario and write it out, all to get the following result. Written by Cory of PRIVATE Corp and original concept by the Midevillombax, the Cross Over trilogy comprises of an loosely based chain-of-events that will eventually pay off in the end with a glorious battle.

The first story in the Project, Ed, Edd 'n Eddy: Deadlocked is a Cross Over with the Ed boys and the Ratchet & Clank universe. The story takes the Eds through the works of the installer gladiatorial game show, Dreadzone X. If was first conceive over a conversation at lunch, saying "What would happen if the Eds are place in DreadZone?" The next thing: Applying a situation that involves the Eds being abducted by the aliens from the Cartoon Network Invaded mini-series and sending them to the Polaris galaxy, where Gandolfini Birman is running former Gleeman Vox's position as head of Dreadzone. With an all new twist to this game, the Eds will fight through the ranks to make it to the top and hopefully get out alive. And the rest is history. It's pretty much getting the Eds to fight alongside a faceless teen wielding a katana, all while facing a ditz of a hero, an Expy of a monster, an unknown being, a robot named after the creator, and another robot that's supposed to be dead, all while winning challenges that are meant to be killing them and being commentated by a muscle man and a mood swinging devil child. Yep, the Eds got their work cut out. You can read the first story here.

The sequel to Deadlocked, Kingdom Hearts: An Ed, Edd n Eddy Story, is almost complete, taking the Eds for a ride through the Cartoon Network universe and exploring all the shows that make up the channel. Along with such hits, they are taking on The Heartless, fighting villains for other shows, and dealing with a super powerful being. Much like Deadlocked, Kingdom Hearts is more or less taking on the whole crossover pairing with the two series itself, and in the end: it pays off. In short: the Eds are looking for their friends that went missing because of the hunt for the Pure Hearted, all while figuring out that there is a much bigger evil waiting in store, and it turns out to be someone that they know of. It can be read here

A third and final story is Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Meister Within, takes place two years after Kingdom Hearts has been recently published, and a three way crossover between the Ed Boys, Soul Eater, and Samurai Jack. No further details about the plot are given, but so far, this story takes place ON EARTH instead of space, two of the Eds are meisters while the third Ed is a demon weapon, and the main villain of this final story is Aku and The Man in Shadows. There are plans for six Interquels as well, with three in the middle of each story. The first of the interquels, Combat Racing: The Organization Cup, takes place in-between Kingdom Hearts and Meister Within and it follows the same plot from another writer's story, only apply new concepts and a better performance than the first story.

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     Tropes Common in Each Story 

     # 01 Deadlocked 

     # 02 Kingdom Hearts 

    # 03 Meister Within 

Combat Racing: The Organization Cup:

This... is Dreadzone X.