Fan Fic / The Destiny Of Marcelina Lamterb

The Destiny of Marcelina Lamterb is a Valkyria Chronicles Fan Fic written by Annix Ed in 2009. It stars the titular main character, Marcelina Lamterb and her life in the Gallian militia. However, despite what you may think, not much fighting goes on, and it focuses moreso on Marcelina and her relationships, especially with Faldio. In addition, she warps one of the most beloved video game heroines into a monster. The Jonas Brothers and Chris Martin make cameos, as potential love interests for Marcelina.

Whether this is is a Troll Fic is highly debated. You can read it here.

Recently, the author began a vastly improved remake, entitled Marcelina Saga.

The Destiny Of Marcelina Lamterb contains examples of...

  • Anti-Climax: Marcelina is about to be forced to marry Welkin, it's all suddenly called off for no reason.
  • Author Appeal: The Jonas Brothers and Chris Martin appearing in 1935.
  • Gratuitous French: So,i went aller (I'm learning french lol!) find him but someone was back from the hospitel.
    • "Marcelina I wll always aime tu!"
  • You Killed My Father: Zaka killed Marcelina's parents.