Fanfic / The Death Of Princess Luna

The Death of Princess Luna is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic by Giga Bowser NS. In the story, after a fight between the royal sisters Luna and Celestia, Luna is unexpectedly and tragically killed, leaving a brokenhearted Celestia in tears. When the Mane Six receive the news of Luna's passing, they too are devastated, given that they had just saved her from Nightmare Moon after a thousand years.

A month after her "death" and subsequent funeral, Twilight discovers that her death was a hoax covered up, evidenced by an incident at Luna's graveyard and looking upon Luna's tomb to discover that her body wasn't present, and is actually another dead pony. Upon realizing this, the Mane Six realize that she is still alive, but her whereabouts are unknown. Fearing for her life, the Mane Six and Spike go out to find her in the Everfree Forest.

Meanwhile, an imprisoned Luna, suffering from hunger, fright, and hopelessness, discovers a terrifying secret about one of her captors.

This My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fan Fic provides examples of:

  • An Aesop: In the last chapter, Twilight sends Celestia and Luna one of her letters about what she's learned about friendship.
    "I learned the value of never giving up, as well as the importance of pursing the truth. If your gut tells you that something's wrong with the way things are presented to you, then you should definitely do your best to investigate it. It's never a good idea to jump to conclusions, but you should always give your hunches a chance.
    I also learned that sometimes your friends won't share your views or ideas. Sometimes they'll disagree with what you think and often aren't shy about voicing their opinion. However, I've learned that a true friend will give you the benefit of the doubt and help you seek out the answers you're looking for. After all she did to help me out, I know that if Applejack ever has a hunch and needs my help, I'll be there to do my best, even if I don't agree with what she's saying."
  • Alternate Universe: Even if it wasn't the case at first, it is now. The fic was published back in 2012, presumably after "Luna Eclipsed", as Luna's first Nightmare Night is mentioned in passing, but before "A Canterlot Wedding", considering that Cadance seems not to exist, and the official COnote  of the Royal Guard is named Navy Shield, and he's not a captain. Also, the story is set about one year after Luna's return, but Twilight is still a unicorn.
  • Anger Born of Worry: Played with. Celestia gives into this during her argument with Luna in chapter 1, then spends most of the story beating herself up over it. However, she doesn't seem to feel this towards the Mane 6 nor towards Luna after her Big Damn Heroes moment, even though she had perfectly good reasons to be upset about her prized student secretly endangering herself and her friends for the sake of investigating a crazy-sounding hunch, as well as about her little sister getting herself abducted and almost killed because of recklessness.
  • Apologizes a Lot: Fluttershy. Whether it's about showing her emotions after Luna's death, or about tripping and ultimately getting hurt by accident, she will say "I'm sorry". At one point she even apologizes for having just apologized. Frankly, it's almost her Catch-Phrase in this story.
  • Big Bad: Navy Shield acts as the leader of a group of four ponies dedicated to ensure "Nightmare Moon" can never threaten Equestria again.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Celestia becomes one for the Mane 6 (and Spike), who in turn are those for Princess Luna.
  • Bunker Woman: Turns out Luna's imprisoned in an abandoned underground cell block situated beneath a remote house.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: The sole reason the conspirators postpone Luna's murder for the next new moon is because they believe that only then "Nightmare Moon" can be killed permanently.
  • Cassandra Truth: Not long after Luna's funeral, we hear about an incident with a pony bursting into the Royal Court and yelling things like "she's alive". After a while of unsuccessfully trying to get anything else out of him, Celestia eventually has him thrown out. Of course, in the end, he turns out to have been right. Too bad we never hear from him again, though.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Chapter One has a few, namely the fact that it takes a lot to kill an Alicorn.
    • Twilight staring at Luna's coffin during the funeral for later discovery that it wasn't her.
    • Chekhov's Scroll: While crying in her cell, Luna takes out a scroll from under her cell bed. This scroll was one of many sent by Spike, and would lead to Twilight and her friends finding the house Luna is held in.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Luna becomes the main focus of the story.
  • Death Faked for You: Luna's kidnappers fool everypony to think that she was killed by some forest creature by disguising a deceased mare's body as Luna's with a concealment spell.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Almost everypony suffers this, especially Celestia, until Luna is rescued.
  • Disney Death: Averted, but quite possible. Also, see Near-Death Experience below.
  • Due to the Dead
  • Earn Your Happy Ending
  • Evil Plan: Kill Princess Luna at the correct time and put an end to "Nightmare Moon" once and for all.
  • Expressive Hair: Celestia's mane and tail turn grayscale, and go limp and sweeping like fabric. It's pretty disturbing.
    • Pinkie Pie's mane and tail deflating again upon hearing Luna's "death".
  • GASP!: Celestia after Navy Shield attempts to assassinate Luna by shooting her.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: The characters occasionally swear in some chapters, but for a reason beyond explanation, it was still given a K+ rating on as well as a classification of "Everyone" on
  • Gray Rain of Depression: The first three chapters.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: The villains are ordinary yet utterly insane ponies who believe their gambit of destroying "Nightmare Moon" is a righteous crusade. How else they could justify capturing Luna, covering her disappearance with a cadaver of somepony else (whose death they may or may not have had a part in), and keeping her imprisoned in isolation and hunger just to eventually sacrifice her? The one they believe they're up against wasn't shown sinking to such depths in canon. A special mention goes to Navy Shield who nearly kills Luna.
  • Heroic B.S.O.D.: Celestia's reaction and breakdown after hearing of Luna's death. Things only get worse when the news spread to Twilight and her friends. Fluttershy's reaction is similar to Celestia's. Such a sad scene.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Sums up the motivation of the kidnappers. According to an ancient tome, that no one had ever heard of and which was written after the duel between Celestia and Nightmare Moon, Luna is long dead and her body is controlled by Nightmare Moon. To prevent her from body surfing, she needed to be knifed during a new moon.
  • Knight Templar: The bad guys believe that Luna is dead and irreversibly Nightmare Moon, and no argument can dissipate their delusion that killing her will end the threat of Nightmare Moon over everypony once and for all.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Once the conspirators are defeated, Comet Tail is the only one who agrees to confess everything, even identifying Sunny Ray. As such, he receives the lightest prison sentence.
  • Loud Gulp: Done by Navy Shield when he's demanded an explanation for fighting Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie into submission by a furious Celestia.
  • The Mole: Navy Shield, Comet Tail, Sunny Ray, and High Noon. They only think they're doing right when it comes to killing Luna.
  • Near-Death Experience: After a heartwarming, tearful reunion with her sister, Navy Shield quickly gets up, gallops directly at Luna, pulls out a pistol and fires at her, almost killing her. Could also count as a Disney Death.
  • The Needs of the Many: Somewhat deconstructed. Celestia pulls everyone else's needs far ahead of her own need to properly mourn, resulting in said Despair Event Horizon getting worse.
  • Nothing Can Stop Us Now!: Navy Shield goes into this when four of the Mane Six are subdued. Much to everypony's surprise, Pinkie starts laughing at his confidence and points out that Celestia has arrived.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Rarity during her We Need a Distraction scene.
  • Overused Running Gag: The rest of the Mane 6 ask Fluttershy if she's doing okay; she gets rather annoyed.
  • Parting Words Regret: Celestia feels very remorseful of quarreling with Luna before her "death".
  • Power Nullifier: The kidnappers make Luna unable to use her magic by encasing her horn in a metallic disc used to contain unicorn convicts.
  • Properly Paranoid: It's revealed that ever since Luna's return, Celestia has insisted that her little sister is to be accompanied by somepony while traveling outside the castle, fearing that some extremist who hasn't forgotten Nightmare Moon's legacy would try to attack Luna. Luna's kidnappers turn out to be this exactly, successfully kidnapping her and keeping her contained for a month when she disregards Celestia's instructions by flying alone, and they'd have succeeded in killing her if not for the Mane Six and Spike.
  • Prophecies Are Always Right: Subverted.
  • Smug Snake: The bad guys have planned Luna's kidnapping and imprisonment with great caution, but weeks of not getting busted makes them smug of their success and all too willing to flaunt it in her face. It also makes them unprepared when they catch the Mane Six in their hideout and are caught up fighting them by Celestia herself.
  • So Proud of You: Princess Celestia expresses this about the Mane 6 and Spike to Luna when they are in the hospital after her rescue and attempted assassination.
  • Tears of Joy: Plenty of these are shed in the last chapters.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Frankly, Luna brought her plight upon herself by sneaking out all alone, thinking that "anything that would try to harm her would be no match for her magic". Clearly, the possibility of being outnumbered or surprised never entered her mind until it was too late.
  • Was Too Hard on Him: Following her argument with Luna about the restrictions imposed for her safety, Celestia is left feeling this way, and it makes her Despair Event Horizon about Luna's supposed death all the worse.
  • We Need a Distraction: Rarity stalls the conspirators by pretending to be lost, allowing the others to sneak inside the hut.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Luna is kidnapped by Comet Tail pretending to be wounded and her getting knocked out when she inspects him.