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Fan Fic: The Darker Knight
"It is time to kill Too-Face and let happenus come."
Brucce Waine

The Darker Knight is a self admitted Batman Troll Fic by Cafe Hoax Zest, (revealed at the end to be an anagram of Zacoftheaxes, his common online username.). It starts out with Batman finding out that he's been accused of murder, and teams up with his suddenly appearing cousin "Betty Waine," aka Batcousin, to find the real culprit, Two-Face (or Too-Face, as he's regularly called in the story). From there the plot steadily becomes more and more insane - and hilarious. Features the appearance of more random celebrities than you can shake a stick at.

The fic itself can be found here, a dramatic reading can be found hereand an Animated Adaptation of the first chapter made in LEGO Stop Motion can be found here

This fanfic contains examples of:

Bruce Has A ProblemFanFic/Comic BooksThe Joker Blogs

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