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Fan Fic: Tarvos And Fairie A Love Story
We Sholdent Agrue Anyway Cause Everyoene Know Jappense is Surperior Rase in Uneverse.

Tarvos and Fairie: A Love Story (usually referred to as Tarvos and Fairie or TAFALS) is a Homestuck fanfic, and almost as infamous as Homestuck High or DAVE STDIDER POKEMON TRANER.

Its plot is complicated and involves Time Travel, but most of it seems to focus on "Tarvos" Nitram and "Fefiri Pixies" trying to go on a forbidden love adventure, meeting villains such as "Skrillex", "Sekret Agent Friska" and "Erdoon". Oh, and a Mary Sue Koibito Minano keeps appearing every now and then, who is Japanese because the author is a huge weeaboo, and uses Added Alliterative Appeal and a more intelligent/confusing vocabulary than everyone else.


  • Added Alliterative Appeal - Both the author and Koibito often use it.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees - Despite early reviews saying that "trolls do not have a Japan", there is a canon Japanese Homestuck troll, Damara Megido. However, Damara would not be introduced into Homestuck until relatively late in 2012 (several months after the fic began), making it a somewhat odd example.
    • Naturally, the author thinks "Dermara"'s Japanese sucks. Which it does.
  • Gratuitous Japanese - The author will try to get however little Japanese she knows into the fic, and immediately give an English translation.
  • Mr. Seahorse - A three chapter arc introduces a side plot in which Equius has a baby, and Koibito, Tavros, and Feferi have to figure out who the father is.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin - Among other things, uses "whom" to mean "who", and believes that improves her grammar.
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