''[[AC: Sometimes,]] a Lieutenant's job is just to survive.''

A MegaCrossover between various KPop fandoms, then crossed over ''again'' into the ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' [[{{AlternateUniverse}} universe]] and written with an original plot. A work in progress that's, by now, the length of a novel.

The series begins with a short one-shot action sequence in [[http://verocity.livejournal.com/2128.html Chapter 1]], but things really get underway in [[http://verocity.livejournal.com/8117.html Stages of Healing]].

!! This series provides examples of:
* CrossOver: The ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' universe with an original plot, starring characters from different KPop groups (''Music/DongBangShinKi'', ''Music/SHINee'', ''Music/BigBang'', ''Music/SuperJunior'', ''Music/B2ST'', +other solo singers and actors).
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: Keeping true to the original ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' style, a huge number of characters from various Korean media have been introduced, most of whom are involved in the main plot arc.
** Dong Bang Shin Ki: Changmin as a lieutenant with a bent for the demon arts, Jaejoong as his captain, Yunho as Jaejoong's HeterosexualLifePartner, and Junsu as an exceptionally competent lieutenant. Everyone's wondering how the author will include Yoochun.
** ''[=SHINee=]'':
*** In the spirit world, you have Minho, who first appeared as a LonelyRichKid who gets recruited to enter the Academy, and Key, a OneSceneWonder with NoSenseOfPersonalSpace who befriends him.
*** And in the human world, you have Onew/Jinki, a tag-along tourist guide who turns out to be [[spoiler:a GeniusDitz at sensing spirit signatures]]; Jonghyun, an opera chorus singer [[spoiler:who is later targeted by the series BigBad]]; and Taemin, an opera dancer and the series's BadassNormal character
** ''Music/BigBang'': Daesung as a PerpetualSmiler lieutenant who's commonly ObfuscatingStupidity, and TOP/Seunghyun as an officer assigned to the human world. Taeyang recently appeared as a lieutenant. G-Dragon was mentioned in the prequel/interlude and Seungri was mentioned as a rising offices in the 2nd Division.
*** Considering the author's preference for using the character's real names, some are wondering why Taeyang was not introduced as Youngbae. I smell a backstory somewhere.
** ''Music/SuperJunior'': Ironically, the first Super Junior members (Kibum, Sungmin, Hankyung) mentioned in the series haven't received much spotlight.
*** Ryeowook and Eunhyuk/Hyukjae appeared as the main characters in the first major installment [[http://verocity.livejournal.com/8117.html Chapter 3: Stages of Healing]].
*** Donghae first showed up as a cameo, but later appears with Henry and Zhou Mi in their own plot in [[http://verocity.livejournal.com/10037.html Chapter 5: Momentum]].
*** [[http://verocity.livejournal.com/13056.html Interlude: Graduation Day, Yay!]] was a prequel that expounded on Eunhyuk's and Donghae's friendship before the current arc. Definitely a BittersweetEnding even if you already know where the characters are going.
** ''B 2 ST'': Yoseob recently appeared as a lieutenant who's acting on Junsu's plans. Kikwang was mentioned once, but no word on whether he'll be getting his own role.
** Others include big names like Rain, Music/{{BoA|Korea}}, Lee Hyori, Kim Jongkook, and Lee Junki as captains. Lee Seunggi and Park Haejin are lieutenants that figure largely into the plot.

!! Episodes of this series provide examples of:
* BreatherEpisode: a couple so far
** [[http://verocity.livejournal.com/8750.html Chapter 4: The Dragon Fruit Festival]] has lighthearted character development without fight scenes
** The Minho/Key scene in [[http://verocity.livejournal.com/10550.html Chapter 6: Respite]] definitely counts