''Super Network Wars Omega: Suikoden Pilipinas'' (also known as just ''Super Network Wars'') is an ongoing MegaCrossover FanFic written by {{Tropers/MoonlightBomber}}, with some of the earlier chapters written by an acquaintance of his. It's written bilingually -- in English and Filipino, in the style of an {{RPG}}.

[[OriginalGeneration Matthew Luke Laonglaan and Hyacinth Monterola]] are just typical ChildhoodFriends -- until they realize that they are being sucked into an adventure that will determine the fate of the UsefulNotes/{{Philippines}}, which has just recovered from a devastating war against an EldritchAbomination who disguised as a human.

The bulk of the adventure rests in the two forming the OneHundredAndEight Stars of Destiny, consisting of several personae from different places and dimensions -- and from it, an army (named the Nueva Liga Filipina) which will stop the EldritchAbomination from wreaking havoc to the Philippines once more.

And their adventure began from just a simple ratings game involving two major Philippine TV networks, ABS-CBN and Creator/{{GMA|Network}}, which turned into a full-fledged literal war (hence the title).

Think equal parts ''VideoGame/{{Suikoden}}'', ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'', and ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' -- with LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters from different works and RealLife, as well as some OriginalGeneration characters, thrown in for good measure.

The story starts in an AlternateHistory version of the Philippines, in the year 2006.

Currently has 61 chapters (known as "episodes") and six "sidequests". The fic can be read [[http://supernetworktaisen.wordpress.com/ here.]]

There is also a VisualNovel prequel to ''Super Network Wars'' titled ''Gravure: A Super Network Wars Prelude'', which details Matthew Luke and Hyacinth's childhood experiences before they are thrust into this epic adventure. The game can be downloaded [[http://dagitabsoft.itch.io/gravure-a-super-network-wars-prelude here.]]

Another prequel to ''Super Network Wars'', ''To Heart: After Remembering the Memories'', focuses on the characters from ''VisualNovel/ToHeart'' teaming up with four teen stars (Hero Angeles and [[Music/TwoNEOne Sandara Park]] being two of them, and who both reappear in ''Super Network Wars'' as two of the Stars of Destiny alongside many of the ''To Heart'' characters) against an evil politician. The VideoGame/RPGMaker XP-made game can be downloaded [[http://www.mediafire.com/download/tyiq5fsx4zler9q here.]]

A work-in-progress character sheet can be found [[Characters/SuperNetworkWars here.]]

!!Super Network Wars uses the following tropes.
* ActorAllusion:[[invoked]] Several voice actor jokes spring up in this story -- [[Creator/TabithaStGermain Katie taking up Shana's power]], [[Creator/TomokazuSugita Kyon transforming into Kamen Rider Strike]] in a radio commercial, and several characters voiced by Creator/YuriLowenthal being summoned to defeat many Magdalo soldiers.
* AirVentPassageway: Some members of the Nueva Liga Filipina have to crawl through this in order to stop the poisons from being administered into the food of the [=VIPs=] at the 12th ASEAN Summit, in Episode 27.
* AnotherDimension: There are several dimensions brought up in this story -- [[Series/KamenRiderDragonKnight the Advent Void]], [[spoiler:where Kris Aquino was sent to after her second defeat]]; a DreamWorld where the Blessed Beings and other [[SpiritAdvisor Spirit Advisors]] actually communicate with Matthew Luke and Hyacinth; and a dimension where Jeremy was sent to after he was beaten up by Wendy.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: The Brutalizer, which was summoned by a third party (in the form of a possession spell at first) to mess up the ABS-CBN vs. GMA mecha showdown.
* BattleCouple: Matthew Luke and Hyacinth, which reinforces their ChildhoodFriends status.
* BeachEpisode: Episode 46.
* BearsAreBadNews: Nene Tamayo encounters one in her debut episode, and a boss in episode 36 is an evil polar bear.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Done a few times throughout the story.
* BulletHell: Used as a HumongousMecha CombinationAttack to finish off The Brutalizer and end the ABS-CBN vs. GMA mecha showdown without either party (and even innocent bystanders) getting hurt entirely ([[spoiler:save from a [[HeroicSacrifice Heroic]] SuicideAttack from Gozon and Abrera, who didn't want their spirits to be abused after they have realized the error of their ways]]).
* ByThePowerOfGrayskull: So far, we have...
-->'''Matthew Luke''': Protagonist Change!
-->'''Hyacinth''': Heroine Change!
-->'''[[VisualNovel/ComicParty Mizuki]], [[VisualNovel/{{Shuffle}} Asa]], [[VisualNovel/{{Kanon}} Ayu]], [[VisualNovel/{{Air}} Misuzu]], [[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} Arcueid]], [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Saber]]''': [[Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder Ren'ai Rangers, power up! Ha!]]
-->'''Hero''': Transform into Mysterio!
-->'''Sandara''': Transform into [[VideoGame/RagnarokOnline Sohee]]!
-->'''Joseph''': Transform into Black Gladiator!
-->'''Angel''': Haaaahhhh...
-->'''Toni & Sam''': Maximillian Knights, suit up!
-->'''[[MirmoDePon Katie]]''': [[LightNovel/ShakuganNoShana Enpatsu Shakugan]] [[Series/KamenRiderHibiki Soukou]]!
-->'''Jeremy''': [[Series/PowerRangersSPD QCPD, Emergency!]]
* CombinationAttack: Characters who are related mostly from the series they hail from (though there are other types of relations) have "cooperative attacks".
* CombiningMecha: There are several combined HumongousMecha, like the Synaesthesia Megazord (the Ren'ai Rangers' first mech), the Tempest Sarimanok (a combination of the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Destiny Gundam]], Anime/VoltesV, Anime/ZettaiMutekiRaijinOh, and an orbital attack satellite), and the Rainbow Serpent (a combination of the GMA transmission tower, several nuclear missiles, [[spoiler:[[PoweredByAForsakenChild and the souls of Gozon and Abrera]]]]).
* CreatorProvincialism: Goes without saying. Written by a Filipino living in the Philippines, and centered on that country's broadcast networks and personalities.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: Happens twice.
** Before [[VisualNovel/{{Narcissu}} Setsumi]] joins the Nueva Liga Filipina, she has to prove Matthew Luke and Hyacinth's worth in battle.
** And Nene Tamayo has to defeat [[VideoGame/GalaxyAngel Forte Stollen]] in a [[DuelBoss duel]] before she can join the Angel Brigade.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The opening episode of the third StoryArc, episode 31, features a plastic surgery operation that sounds like you-know-what. It's also a ShoutOut to the first ''[[VideoGame/ArTonelicoMelodyOfElemia Ar tonelico]]'' game.
* DuelBoss: Some chapters have these.
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: Invoked during the final battle against Wendy Valdez.
* FinishHim: Some duels end with this, executed in the style of ''Franchise/MortalKombat''.
* FusionDance: What Matthew Luke and Hyacinth's Blessed Beings all boil down to.
** In a villainous version, [[spoiler:DJ Mo and his three subordinates fused to form the Inquisitor Orphnoch.]]
** In another villainous version, [[spoiler:Wendy Valdez and Bruce Quebral fused to form the Meltigemini Emperoress.]]
* GratuitousForeignLanguage [[ForeignLanguageTitle Title]]: Besides English and Filipino, the episode titles are written in several other languages.
* GratuitousJapanese: This is a result of the N3 Collective erecting a "sub-only globe" that forces more than half of the Philippine population to speak Japanese (and having subtitles displayed in English, Filipino, and every other Philippine dialect, making this a supernatural aversion of RealityHasNoSubtitles).
* HatePlague: Sandara suffers from this at first, and Hero accuses Joseph of administering one to her. [[spoiler:As the story progresses further, the BigBad EldritchAbomination turns out to be a concentrated version of this, born from all the negative energy generated throughout Philippine history.]]
** In a biological version, the members of the Magdalo Group, as well as other people who oppose President Arroyo voluntarily have their bodies injected with a concoction composed of [[Series/KamenRiderFaiz Orphnoch DNA]], [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil4 Las Plagas]], and [[Series/KamenRiderHibiki Makamou DNA]] in order to amplify their anger and hatred that will be needed to put Arroyo to her knees.
* HollywoodHacking: The new RobotMaid by Kurusugawa Electronics, HMX-14 Chenelyn, was manipulated by a [[DirtyCommunists communist]] hacker and was then used against her predecessors, Multi and Serio (and the company itself).
* HomeBase: Balay Kapatiran ("house of the brotherhood"), the headquarters of the Nueva Liga Filipina.
* HopelessBossFight: Several times in the story. Early examples include Michael V., Genjo Sanzo, and Angel Locsin versus Wilma Galvante; and the Nueva Liga Filipina versus the pirates and, later on, DJ Mo Twister.
* KnifeFight: The duel in episode 48 is this.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters
* MassiveMultiplayerCrossover
* MeaningfulFuneral: [[spoiler: The DownerEnding path of episode 48.]]
* MediaWatchdog: The Movie & Television Review Classification Board (the Philippine equivalent of the FCC). It was manipulated by Gozon and Abrera to ensure that [[AllAnimeIsNaughtyTentacles anime with even the tiniest bit of objectionable content will never air on TV]].
* NonstandardGameOver / DownerEnding: [[spoiler:If Matthew Luke loses the duel against Kira in episode 48, he will be [[PlotlineDeath killed off by Kira]]. A week after, Hyacinth announces the dissolving of the Nueva Liga Filipina during Matt's burial, and the fate of the Philippines will be fatally uncertain.]]
* OhCrap: When Gozon and Abrera realize they're on the receiving end of two Gundams.
* OriginalGeneration: Matthew Luke and Hyacinth, among others.
* PowerCreepPowerSeep: Some characters didn't fight in the works they came from -- however, due to being [[JustifiedTrope sent to the Philippines as a part of the Nueva Liga Filipina]], they suddenly know how to fight.
* PoweredByAForsakenChild: [[spoiler: The souls of Gozon and Abrera power the Rainbow Serpent.]]
* {{Ranger}}: The ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' / ''Franchise/PowerRangers''-inspired team, the Ren'ai Rangers, has a team of these. Notable in that the team's six members are all VisualNovel characters.
* TheRival: There are several duos of rivals in this story. In the preliminary chapters, we have Hero and Henry, Hero and Joseph, and Korina and Mel.
* ScrewedByTheNetwork:[[invoked]] Episode 3 marks the start of the axing of ''[[LightNovel/MariaSamaGaMiteru Maria Watches Over Us]]'' on ABS-CBN (which also happened in RealLife). This made the anime's characters (especially Sachiko and Yumi, who are later drafted into the Nueva Liga Filipina) very concerned about their job security at ABS-CBN.
* ShoutOut: [[ReferenceOverdosed Lots and lots.]]
* SiblingRivalry: Hero and Henry Angeles. At first, Hero blames his older brother Henry for his missed opportunity to dub ''Anime/VoltesV'' alongside his love, Sandara Park. This rivalry later turns into a CainAndAbel situation, with Henry taking the Cain role.
* TheSiege: In episode 53, Balay Kapatiran is invaded by the combined forces of several people who are against President Arroyo and are led by Lt. Trillanes. Since Balay Kapatiran is built out of Matthew Luke and Hyacinth's houses, the childhood friends must [[ProtectThisHouse defend their base at all costs.]]
* StormingTheCastle: Several times. Places include the offices of Magic 89.9, the ABC-5 compound, Kris Aquino's Shadow Palace (formerly the Metropolitan Theater in Manila), and the Magdalo-occupied Manila Peninsula hotel.
* StuffBlowingUp: Most major villains [[DefeatEqualsExplosion get blown up after their defeat]], as a major {{Homage}} to {{Tokusatsu}} in general.
* TacticalRockPaperScissors: Like in the ''VideoGame/{{Suikoden}}'' series, [[DuelBoss duels]] use this system.
* TakeThat: There are innumerable "take that"s directed at several things, like Philippine politics and the AllAnimeIsNaughtyTentacles stereotype. Basically, if the author feels like doing a "take that", he will do so in any form, even nominating a personality as a villain.
** Episode 58, in particular, is a huge satiric "take that" against those who fetishize Japanese culture.
* TransformationSequence: Some characters can transform HenshinHero style (early examples include Matthew Luke, Hyacinth, the Ren'ai Rangers, Hero, Sandara, and Joseph), and thus this trope is applied.
* {{Troll}}: In episode 53, the Nueva Liga Filipina's official blog is swamped with these. Due to [[VisualNovel/{{Planetarian}} Reverie]]'s handy advice on IP tracking, the Magdalo Group is found out to be the main source of those trolls.
* UnusualChapterNumbers: The very first episode of ''Super Network Wars'' is numbered zero. Plus, an insert episode which strives to explain the background behind the sending of some of the characters to the Philippines (which is numbered 1.5) was originally published after episode 37.
* UrbanFantasy
* VirtualSoundtrack: Some chapters have cues to play a specific song (usually in dungeon exploration parts).
* VirtualTrainingSimulation: [[VisualNovel/ToHeart Multi and Serio]] undergo this in their debut episode.
* WebSerialNovel
* WeddingDay: ''Super Network Wars'' starts with the wedding of Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto, and it involves several characters who were sent to the Philippines via portals.
* WhamEpisode: [[spoiler:Episode 47.]]
* WhatIsThisX: Matthew Luke scratches his head due to the fact that the Magdalo Group has taken pages from ''VideoGame/{{Contra}}'' (the fortified entrance of the Manila Peninsula), ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}'' (the usage of colored keycards to unlock doors), and ''VideoGame/Wolfenstein3D'' (two German-speaking Magdalo soldiers).
* YourSoulIsMine: [[spoiler:Trillanes backstabs his allies, Teofisto Guingona and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim, by sucking their souls dry.]]