Fan Fic / Son Of Mine Series

Written by Cyblade Silver, this story begins just where the second half of the 12 part OAV leaves off, and covers the introduction of Masaki Murakami's son, Kenji, as well as the boy's subsequent kidnapping by Richard Guyot and induction into Chronos. Several new concepts were introduced in the first story, such as Chronos' anti-espionage corps of female Zoanoids, as well as the rankings and secondary powers of the Council of Twelve.

In addition to the standard Guyver tropes, the stories themselves also introduce a slew of tropes all their own.

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Tropes in Son of Mine:

The next story in the series opens with the creation of the titular Fifth Guyver, and the story also continues the acclimation of both Imakarum and Ingriam to their new positions within the Chronos cabal.

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Tropes in The Birth of Guyver V:

  • Affably Evil (Alkanphel and Imakarum both have elements of this, though Imakarum is markedly less so.)
  • Beware the Nice Ones (Ryan and Sho are both some of the nicest, gentlest people you could hope to meet - though Ryan less so than Sho - up until the point where you make them truly angry; then you die. Quickly in Sho's case, and more slowly and painfully in Ryan's.)
  • Combat Pragmatist (Both Ryan and Agito embody this.)
  • Daddys Boy (Ingriam to a T.)
  • Deadpan Snarker (Ryan Crouger tends to be this.)
  • Determinator (Ryan and Sho both; once they have something to fight for, they're well-nigh unstoppable.)
  • Disappeared Dad (At the end of the story, once he no longer feels that he has a place in his son's life - due to certain circumstances - Imakarum withdraws into his own work, leading to full-on Parental Abandonment and Zektor's Promotion to Parent, which he takes incredibly seriously.)
  • Double Consciousness (A more litteral case than most, as Ryan gains this near the rough middle of the story, then has to adapt to it.)
  • Friend to All Children (Zoanoids, oddly enough, have a tendancy to be this; culminating in Team Five's unofficial adoption of Ingriam Mirabilis.)
  • Good Is Not Nice (Ryan is one of the more even-tempered versions of this. Agito is the standard version.)
  • Green Eyes (Ryan has these.)
  • Groin Attack (How Ryan deals with Imakarum when they first meet.)
  • Overlord Jr. (Ingriam/Kenji practically idolizes his father, doing whatever he can to please him.)
  • Person of Mass Destruction (Ryan Crouger, the Fifth Guyver; and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Kenji Murakami.)
  • Phlebotinum Rebel (Ryan, like the rest of the Guyvers, is empowered by a Guyver Unit; though, in his case, he found it underground in a cave.)
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni (Ryan and Agito; guess which is which.)
  • So Proud of You (Imakarum to Ingriam, whenever the latter does something particularly noteworthy.)
  • Split-Personality Takeover (A very brief one near the end of the story)
  • The Unfettered (Ryan Crouger; Agito Makishima, as well.)
  • Trash Talk (Ryan frequently indulges in this.)
  • Zerg Rush (Enzyme IIs, and later IIIs, fight like this most of the time.)

The third story - Meeting Places'' - involves two of Chronos' Council of Twelve making their way to Los Angeles to deal with the aftermath of the debacle at Chronos' L.A. branch.

Meeting Places contains examples of the following:

  • Insult to Rocks: Mentioned: Zoanoids, pah. These worthless, mutant stock would disgrace the name of Lost Number were it not for the failures encompassed by that designation.
  • Take That!: The story has a great deal of jabs at the first live action movie.