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Fan Fic: Sailor Moon Sacrifice
The ritual draws near...

A fan-OVA for Sailor Moon, by Kaosu Studios, created by tracing, editing animation, recoloring, etc, with minimal original art. (However, it actually looks decent most of the time.)

After dreaming about a girl who looks like her, Usagi discovers she has a twin sister from the Silver Millennium named Kurai. Kurai becomes another Moon senshi, joining Usagi in the present, and reveals that the only way to stop the Big Bad, Chaos, is to kill her. The entire plot is inspired by/a reference to Fatal Frame.

The official site is down, but another site run by the creator is here. (Please note you have to register to view.) The story also has a FaceBook group.The first episode can be found here. (Link to Part One)

This fan-OVA contains examples of:

Of The StarsFanWorks/Sailor MoonSailor Moon V
RWBYFanimeSilk After Gallantry

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