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Fan Fic: Raccoon
Raccoon is a kill fic for the Sly Cooper fandom.

It starts off normal, the gang talking and laughing, then during role-call, Dimitri doesn't answer. After hearing Murray say Dimitri is out somewhere, he goes to find him. Once he gives up his search in an alleyway, he gets knocked out a lead pipe. He wakes up and unable to see, asks where he is. A chilling laugh followed by a shout of "Crackerbox". Sly recognizes the voice at once, and finds out his thoughts are true. It turns out Dimitri was the attacker. Dimitri stands there with a bloodied machete and a Slasher Smile. He explains to Sly that he hates that Sly gets all the attention and praise. As well as explaining that he's going to kill him. Oh and two more things, the room it takes place in is filled with corpses, blood, entrails, organs, body parts and bones and the entire fic was based off some nightmares the author had.It can be found here All spoilers are marked.

It contains examples of

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