Fan Fic / Quizzical

Quiz is not good with parties.
Quizzical is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan fiction written by JMac.

Quizzical Greystone is Twilight Sparkle's new research assistant. She may also be the most introverted pony ever. Can researching the magic of friendship help Quizzical break out of her shell?

It has three sequels: Thweet Geniuth (complete), Adventures In Cake Sitting (complete)(the author's personal favorite) and Quizzical Greystone And The Basements Of Doom. There are also four one shots, "They're Not Touching You!" , A Little Fixer-Upper (which might be of particular interest to tropers, as the entire story is a tribute to training montages), Pen And Paper Hearts (again, perhaps interesting to tropers for it's tribute to tabletop gaming), and The Poetry of the Layers (in which the fannish Quiz meets her canon counterpart, Maud Pie).

This fic provides examples of: