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Fan Fic: Quarter-Life: Halfway To Destruction
Uncycylopedia (which is online encyclopidia like wikiped) said I was writing story called Quarter-Life: Halfway to Destruction and dontn't know where come but I decide to write anyway.

Quarter-Life: Halfway To Destruction is a Half-Life fanfic that Peter Chimaera, author of DOOM: Repercussions of Evil, wrote after seeing it mentioned on Uncyclopedia. The plot revolves around Gordon Freeman Freechmen Freemant Freeman and his "cow-orker" Jimm discovering an extremely vollatil volatile isotrope isotope that has a quarter-life instead of a half-life. A bad guy steals it, and they must stop him and prevent the meltdown from destroying Dallas.

In addition to the awful spelling, grammar, writing and adherence to the source material, the fic is notable for the extremely bad nuclear physics and for being an almost completely obvious Troll Fic.

Has been adapted into a machinima by Djy Entertainment that can be found here. There is also another machinima that predates the previous one, by falconer02, which can be found here.

Not to be confused with Half-Life: Full Life Consequences, which is a similarly bad but longer fic.

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