Fan Fic / Pretty Cure Transient Cross NEWTON

NEWTON, the miracle material capable of shattering the very fabric of the universe! Hailing from another dimension, these sentient creatures have given mankind new roads to pave in scientific research. But, there are those who abuse these advancements for their own ends. Case in point, the Mutos Strain; a race of viral entities that wreak havoc wherever they go. No one knows who creates them, or for what purpose. But, there is one force that is capable of stopping these monstous maladies! Bonding with the powers of NEWTON, these heroes fight for the good of mankind and protect the institution of Science! They are the Transient Crossdressing heroes; Pretty Cure!

Pretty Cure Transient + NEWTON is a currently-being-developed Pretty Cure fanseries about three Cures who crossdress in Cure form. The series has a Science/Physics and Medical theme, and is notable for the fact that it appears that the identity of the Cures is public knowledge, and for the fact that the Pretty Cure powers are not necessarily "magical" by nature.

Beyond that, Transient + NEWTON, unlike other Precure fanseries that involve crossdressing, addresses serious topics regarding gender identity and body image, using a recurring theme of "dissonance" between a person's body and their mind. Two of the main characters are transgender to some extent, and tropes such as Dragged into Drag are deconstructed, forcing the viewer to question the difference between forcing a non-transgender person into crossdressing and forcing a transsexual or transvestite to conform to traditional gender roles.

This in-development fanfic contains examples of: