Fan Fic / Pretty Cure Nature Sparkle

Pretty Cure Nature Sparkle is an upcoming fanfic by curewish8. It's a series with five Cures, with a sequel, Pretty Cure ~Nature Blast~, that introduces two magical girls.

The Sky Settlement was a peaceful kingdom ruled by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Naturally, this peace wasn't going to last. A jealous business man sent the kingdom into great poverty. This man, Mr. Kuroro, charged Aphrodite her crown, which contained all her powers. She was banned to the heavens due to the lack of power. Of course, before she disappears, she sends the five Feathers of Nature along with her spirit to the Land of Life to find the legendary warriors who will save her.

Mr. Kuroro takes advantage of the Goddess' powers, and creates and organization to destroy any competition. The jewels of the crown are made into "employees" to stop the Pretty Cure, before they can restore the crown and stop Mr. Kuroro's greedy business.

Together, the Cures must fight off the Bottom Black's very persistent employees, stopping them and reviving Aphrodite and the Sky Settlement, and learn new things about themselves and one another as they do so.

The members of Pretty Cure are:

  • Tsubasaki Sora (Cure Zephyre)
  • Hideaki Inara (Cure Dawning)
  • Mizuki Mina (Cure Toranado)
  • Haruto Akane (Cure Saharia)
  • Hideyoshi Haruka (Cure Valterre)

The Cures' opposition consists of:

  • Mr. Kuroro
  • Rosetta (Rosalie Auburn-sensei)
  • Marina
  • Rudy
  • B.T.
  • M. Quartze


  • Venus / Aphrodite (Vanessa Yorkshire)

While far from perfect and still unwritten, the story does have its fans. Can be found on and

A character sheet can be found here.