Fan Fic / Pretty Cure Evolve Hearts

Pretty Cure Evolve Hearts is an upcoming fanfic by curewish8. It's the first series where the protagonist starts out as a Heel.

The Land of Heart was a peaceful kingdom populated by talking rabbits and ruled and protected by two princesses. Naturally, this peace wasn't going to last. An evil woman from another dimension, who called herself the Eternity, sent her perfectly created warrior, the Dark Iris after the kingdom to destroy the princesses. Of course, she doesn't do this completely, for the princesses escape and go to the Land of Strength. A bitter Eternity orders her servants to make with the princess destroying, and quickly.

As their world, deprived of its rulers, crumbles with the lack of power, the rabbits Chiyoko and Minto are sent to find two girls, the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure, who will be able to use their former powers as the Land of Heart's princesses and fight for their land's sake.

Together, the Cures must fight off the Eternal Dark's very persistent vassals, including Dark Iris, stopping them and reviving the Land of Heart, and learn new things about themselves and one another as they do so.

The members of Pretty Cure are:

  • Yami Ayame (Dark Iris/Cure Iris)
  • Aiko Yuuki (Cure Courage)
  • Aiko Hanayo (Cure Treasure)
  • Chiyoko and Minto (Chinami Yuka and Chinami Yuko)

The Cures' opposition consists of:

  • Eternity
  • Dark Iris (until she does a Heel Face Turn)
  • Dorcha
  • Nero
  • Sombre
  • Atra

While far from perfect and still unwritten, the story does have its fans. Can be found on and

A character sheet can be found here.

This fanfic contains examples of: