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Fan Fic: Points Of Familiarity
Points of Familiarity by Charles Bhepin is a crossover fic between Neon Genesis Evangelion and The Familiar of Zero, wherein Louise summons a post-Third-Impact Shinji Ikari as her familiar.

Like everything else produced from Charles Bhepin's pen, it's initially well written, epic and deeply weird. This version of Shinji is the last survivor after Third Impact and, apparently, the last living being on his Earth. His self-loathing is vast, his AT-Field is strong, and Halkeginia has no idea what just hit it.

As of chapter 6, Bhepin has declared the fic dead, spoiled the rest of this version of the story, and started work on a rewrite, titled Surrogate Of Zero.

See Neon Genesis Evangelion and The Familiar of Zero for the tropes of those respective universes.

Points of Familiarity provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Points Of Familiarity
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