Fan Fic / One Thousand Tearz Or Deth

Beta's Note: Hello again. Turns out that even after the last ordeal, she still wants to write this crap. I apologize ahead of time. On the bright side she seems to have gotten over the need to write 'Geddit' after every time she wrote 'sad' or something equally stupid.
— The stories beta reader, who's also the authors sister

1000TearzOrDeth is a Harry Potter Fanfic about an emo american girl at Hogwarts with an Overly Long Name, written by a rude author who loves to insult prepz. Yes, that does sound familiar, but it actually predates it by an year. Somehow, the spelling and grammar manages to be even worse than that of its spiritual cousin, although the snarky comments of the beta reader and her grammar improved version of the text are worth reading.

This work provides examples of: