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Fan Fic: Neon Genesis Evangelion R

Neon Genesis Evangelion: R, also known as Evangelion R or simply Eva-R, is an Alternate Universe Fic that diverges shortly before the controversial ending. Released originally in the late 1990s, it was eventually republished on another site in the early 2000s, with an enhanced look and style. It's also somewhat unique for its use of concept art, doujinshi, a partial soundtrack, and even two animated trailers (featuring some of the English voice cast in original recordings) alongside the usual script format.

It's also slightly less favorably known for its abuse of ellipses (...).

Tiffany Grant remarkably agreed to do original voice work for the series. The author's domain actually currently hosts her official website.

Located here.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: R provided examples of:

Neon Exodus EvangelionCompleted FicRE-TAKE
Delta InvasionFanWorks/Neon Genesis EvangelionNeon Knights

alternative title(s): Evangelion R; Eva R; Evangelion R; Neon Genesis Evangelion R
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