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Fan Fic: Necromancers Of China Saga
A series of Kung Fu Panda Fan Fics written by the author trio Bridge of Light and Darkness. The setting takes place about a month after the events of the second movie. Po and Tigress are initially asked by a traveler to help her defeat a cult of evil necromancers who threaten to take over the world. But as the story goes on, they learn that things are much, much more complicated than that. Meanwhile, Po and Tigress' relationship slowly builds throughout the story.

  • Part 1: More Than a Comrade
    • Po and Tigress are visited by a wolf/owl/shark hybrid named Kalifilak. She explains that she is a member of a group named DELLAE (Defenders of Endangered Lives, Liberty, and Anti-socialist Ethics) who learned of the necromancers and is begging the heroes to help her. Po and Tigress also learn of the seven Arts of Magic and meet their time-travelling daughter from the future.
  • Part 2: Warrior of the Land, Sea, and Sky
  • Part 3: The Seventh Art
    • Fenhong Se, Po and Tigress' daughter from the future, shares her side of the story.
  • Part 4: The Truth
    • Julie tells Po and Tigress every little detail that they really need to know about the necromancers.
  • Part 5: The Time Rift
    • Numerous cases of time travel have made such a complex time paradox that the party only has a limited amount of time to stop the necromancers for good until reality falls apart.
  • Part 6: The Castles of Heaven and Hell
    • Inspired by Final Fantasy II, the necromancers have finally been stopped, but the leader has taken over Hell and the Time Rift is growing bigger. The party must make their last stand. Meanwhile, their dead friends are on an adventure of their own.

At first suffered from a severe case of Schedule Slip, the saga kicked into overdrive and is now updated once a day.

Contains examples of:

Memoirs Of A MasterFanFic/FilmThats Why They Call It The Present

alternative title(s): Necromancers Of China Saga; Tall Man Saga; Tall Man Saga
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