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Fan Fic: Mobile Suit Gundam AVNA
The year is 927 Oppressive Millennium. The Climatic Atrocity has begun.

A planetary cult has overthrown the world's government, and the world nation of Earth has collapsed in terms of economy, religion, and culture. The cult's name is GRAB, and it vows that life beyond Earth exists and will take over Earth. GRAB now creates various mecha called Mobile Suits. Their most common form is a Gundam that is capable of all-terrain self-defense, offense, and warfare.

Many of those who oppose GRAB are in space colonies; others are on Earth, where they govern smaller islands and own them. But some space colonies have fallen into other hands and are now used for military warfare, in deploying these Gundams.

Sadly, Gundams used by the GRAB cult have even killed others who have lived in the space colonies and back on what is still known as Earth.

Meant to be KIKEN's Spiritual Successor.

This fic provides examples of (under construction):

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alternative title(s): Mobile Suit Gundam AVNA
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