Fan Fic / Mirai Nikki The Reapers Diary

Mirai Nikki: The Reaper's Diary is a Future Diary fanfic.

They say that fate is set in stone. In the case of Future Diary holders, it isn't. A new diary user is introduced into the game. The user of the Reaper's Diary, a diary that can predict when, where, and how someone will or can die. A threat possibly more dangerous than even Yuno Gasai. Will he prove victorious? Will he even survive to the end? And what secrets do lay hidden?


  • Badass Boast: See To the Pain.
  • Call-Back: Ryoji makes a comment about how the deadliness of electricity is based off the current, not the voltage, similar to something Fifth said in the original series.
  • Crossover: Mia, the main character of Visual Novel/Yandere-chan, is a recurring character.
  • For Want of a Nail: Word of God states that the plot will vary more from canon as time goes on.
  • Original Character: The protagonist, Ryoji Hanamura.
    • His friend Ziggy.
    • There is also a mysterious masked figure, who knows about the diary game, and tried to stop Ryoji from becoming a participant.
  • To the Pain: Ryoji's description of what he did to Third:
    "I know most of you will be targeting the man who killed that serial killer, Third. In case you didn't already know, that would be me. However, I have a small, tiny little story to tell you all first, just to... clarify a few things. Did you know that it isn't the voltage of electricity, but the current of it that kills? Third didn't. Fortunately, I was there and willing to give him a lesson in physics. I'm sure you all can guess the result. His eye-sockets are quite lonely now that his eyes have... vacated the premises. They now reside in his goggles. They might've stayed in there if I hadn't realized there was a chance he was still breathing and then continued to stab him with his own machete before shoving it through his skull. They might be just soaking that floor even now. Don't worry. I wasn't nearly done with him yet. I then, and this was the fun part, carved open his still warm corpse to inscribe the message 'F*** you, you murdering bastard' along the insides of his heart, in case he didn't already take my words to heart. It was kind of hard to see with all of the blood that came exploding out of it. I had to keep starting over since I kept cutting all the way through. Simply put, stay away from me. That is, of course, if you would like to keep your internal organs inside your body. If not, then I'd be more than happy to remedy your situation." Ryoji said all of this with a rather disturbing smile. As if he actually felt some twisted joy by describing every last gory detail.
  • Yandere: Yuno.
  • You Killed My Father: Third killed Ryoji's mother.