Fan Fic: Max's Journey

Max's Journey is a Pokémon fanfic written by Bwburke94. Set immediately after the Advanced Generation of the anime, the fic follows Max through his first year or so as a Pokémon trainer. Two chapters were written and then deleted, with a side story also deleted, but a re-upload is planned.

The fic's (now former) description on "After the end of AG, Max sets off on his own journey. His first stop on the way back home is New Bark Town in Johto, but when he gets there he finds that a Pokémon trainer has captured four legendary Pokémon and threatened the entire world in the process."

Due to the publishing and unpublishing of the first two chapters, there is a Darth Wiki page here.

Tropes relating to the fanfic itself:

  • Development Hell: The original two chapters were uploaded in April 2011 before being deleted. The fic itself and its sequel have been in the planning process since March 2010.

Alternative Title(s):

Maxs Journey
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