Fan Fic: Matters Of Faith

"Sir, please let Unit-01 take the shot! He's getting into position. All I'm asking is for you to show some faith in your son!"
Alone in the command deck, with the exception of Kozo, Gendo smiled openly. It was a grim smile, one of cold mirth as he laughed at the world. "But Captain, Faith is all I have in him."
-The point where you know things are Off the Rails

In the grim post-Second Impact world, Gendo Ikari is out to do some good in the only way that he can; by being the most magnificent, manipulative bastard that he can be. Meanwhile, Rei is out to help us all; by doing SCIENCE!

A more serious take than usual on the world of Evangelion, it actually starts off from Gendo's point of view and gives a look into the inner workings of a man in charge of safegaurding humanity. No one is the same as their Canon counterpart; with Shinji more agressive, Asuka more interested in the workings of the EV As, and Rei... being Rei.

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Tropes used in Matters of Faith