Fan Fic / Lost Boys Saga

The Lost Boys Saga is a trilogy of Kingdom Hearts Alternate Universe Fan Fics written by didsomeonesayventus (formerly Zeldahearts 1337), consisting of Lost Boys, Broken Heroes, and Shattered Saviors, as well as a rewrite of all three titled Broken Souls.

Rather than forging the χ-blade at the Keyblade Graveyard, Ventus and Vanitas end up forging it at the Destiny Islands, resulting in the islands' destruction. Sora and Riku, the only survivors, end up in Traverse Town and struggle to survive for the next eleven years. Though their paths have changed, they'll find that destiny is never left to chance...

This fic contains examples of the following tropes (Beware of unmarked spoilers):

  • Alternate Self: Maleficent reveals that the Sora we all know and love is indeed real, but exists in another universe. She uses this revelation to break this world's Sora, who ends up cursing his own life even more for it.
  • Alternate Universe: The fic counts Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep as having happened in the timeline up until the forging of the χ-blade.
  • Break the Cutie: Where do we start?
    • The fic breaks Sora to pieces and builds him back up as a twisted mirror of himself. After seeing his home and at least father get forcibly ripped away from him via X-Blade summoning by Ventus and Vanitas (the latter ends up possessing the former) he's hurtled off to Traverse Town as pretty much the only survivor, with his friend, Riku, of the Destiny Islands. Oh, and he's four at this point. Next eleven years he grows up into a mentally unstable teenager who is depressed, angry at the world, anti-social, suicidal, and pretty much everything he shouldn't be. He finally gets a break and life seems to get better: he meets Kairi, starts falling in love with her, gets a steady home for once, mentally recoops a bit. But then he fails to keep his promise to keep Kairi safe and watches her get kidnapped by Maleficent, shortly after nearly dies TWICE and experiences severe pain along with it, then he loses Riku, gets even FURTHER depressed, to make things so much better Maleficient mind rapes him by showing him how he's supposed to be canon-wise, and due to it, along with learning Riku's switched sides, attempts suicide. You think he'd finally get a break, right? NO, He DIDN'T die, as much as he wanted to. He finds Riku, who by now is possessed by Ansem, who "helps" him find Kairi. They later split up again, and when they get back together he ends up nearly losing his heart to keep her safe and experiences unbearable pain in the process. Then, when chasing after Ansem, he gets drawn into an illusion of the islands and breaks down into a maniacally giggling, teen-child psychological mess. Oh, and facing Ansem himself once and for all? He gets so broken, Anti-Form just leaps out and mauls Ansem to death while Kairi watches in horror, and Sora finally just ends up collapsing from the exertion. And this is just the first one.
    • Later in the sequel, Broken Heroes, you can add Ventus to the list. Ventus has lived in Sora's heart this whole time, and understands EXACTLY where Sora is willing to go with revenge. He feels nothing but regret for his life, and even though he has his spots of hope and happiness, he also feels Terra and Aqua are pretty much gone. He was so guilt-ridden he WANTED Riku to kill him with his own Keyblade when he awoke. To quote the author:
      "He is insanely guilt-ridden from the fact he killed so many people and ruined Riku and Sora's lives because of his choice. He just wants to feel like he hasn't screwed up, that people have gotten the justice they deserve. "
      • And then(much later after several adventures and still getting chewed out by Sora) Ventus is brutally injured by Saïx, who he still believed to be friends with, and ends up dying in Sora's arms still thinking he was unforgiven. He's brought back, thanks to Aqua, gets to see her one last time, then DIES AGAIN. Granted, Sora finally forgives and lets go of his hate because of this- being replaced with just depression and regret -but it's crippling to everyone who witnessed it. Especially Aqua, who goes from badass to broken in an instant.
    • And that's not even getting into what happens to Aqua. She gets her heart ripped out and into pieces too many times. A rather poignant example would be finding Xemnas and trying to cling to the thought of at least Terra still being alive that she goes against Kairi and Sora. Xemnas does play along, but he was lying.
  • Driven to Suicide: Sora has gotten so depressed that he's attempted suicide at least once a month since he was ten.
  • Happily Adopted/Interspecies Adoption: After the destruction of Radiant Garden, Kairi ended up in Disney Town and was adopted by Mickey and Minnie.
  • Love at First Sight: Sora finds himself attracted to Kairi from the moment he sees her, but is in denial about it for quite some time.
  • Out of Character/Not as You Know Them: Considering how this fic is built upon Sora and Riku suffering loss of their home as young boys rather than as teenagers, this is written in stone by the summary alone.