'''Loser''' is a single-chapter FanFiction story by JamesDoyle, set in the {{Series/Firefly}} [[TheVerse 'verse]].

'''WARNING: This page contains unmasked spoilers.'''

The story is a fairly simple narrative about Jayne Cobb being forced to watch Wash do a strip-tease after losing [[TheBet a bet]] to Wash (we're not told what the bet was. That's another story.) The act is described in clinical detail, including the musical accompaniment ("Loser" by Beck) and Jayne's tortured reactions.

!''Loser'' provides examples of:

* TheBet - We're not told what it is, only that Jayne loses. The story is concerned with the payoff.
* BiggusDickus - Kaylee is quite impressed by Wash's male endowment, and Zoe cites it as one of her reasons for marrying him.
* BoundAndGagged - Actually, just bound. It was the only way they could make Jayne sit through the entire show.
* StupidSexyFlanders - Implied at the end, with Jayne's classic "[[ADateWithRosiePalms I'll be in my bunk]]" line.
* YouCanLeaveYourHatOn - The basic premise of the story.