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Fan Fic: Lex Talionis
Lex Talionis is a dark slash fanfiction written by Foodstamp, set Twenty Minutes into the Future for the characters of Matt Stone and Trey Parkerís long-running animated show, South Park. Story can be found here.

Years after losing contact with their childhood friends, Detectives Stanley Marsh and Kenny McCormick pick up a domestic abuse case that exposes their own dark history. And Foodstamp takes you into four chapters of Mind Screw, where the villains are sympathetic and the victims aren't innocent. Add in a gruesome murder, long-lost lovers and a mystery that surpasses even the law and youíve got the perfect revenge story of love and loss.

It's very seldom that fanfiction can be as eloquent, brilliantly written and smart as Foodstamp's works, and Lex Talionis is by far one of her best. Check out Foodstampís main page on for more stories written by her.

Note that this fanfiction is not yet completed, and still has an epilogue to go. As of December 2009, Foodstamp has left the fandom. It will probably never be finished.

This fanfiction provides examples of:

Lost In AtmosFanFic/Western AnimationSouth Park Monogatari

alternative title(s): Lex Talionis
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