Fan Fic: Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure

One of Cure Believe's various Pretty Cure fanfics, Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure is the first of the bunch, focusing on a "mirage" theme.

The fanfic is scheduled to release February 9th, 2014 or earlier, but the author has the tropes planned out.

The story is this; Four Cures are destined to fight against evil to stop a mysterious villain from wiping out the entire world. One of the Cures, who is the princess of Mirage Kingdom, had sent the remaining three mascots to find the other Cures after her kingdom had been destroyed. Will the Cures be able to put an end to this evil before the world is gone for good?

This fanfic's Cures and fairies are:

  • Hanasaki Cherry, who is the sports fanatic, can transform into Cure Blossom Mirage.
    • Her fairy partner is Hana.
  • Kurumi Daisy, who is the shopping lover, can transform into Cure Marine Mirage.
    • Her fairy partner is Miracle.
  • Myoudouin Sunny, who is the shy transfer student, can transform into Cure Sunshine Mirage.
    • Her fairy partner is Bright.
  • Tsukikage Rose, who is Mirage Kingdom's princess, can transform into Cure Moonlight Mirage.
    • Her fairy partner is Kira.

This fanfic contains examples of:

  • The Ace (Cherry excels in sports while Rose excels in academics.)
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl (Rose, although her hair is at darkest as Cure Moonlight Mirage.)
  • Anatomy of the Soul (Mirage Souls.)
  • Big Bad (Taika is the main villain of the season.)
  • Brainwashed (Cure Marine Mirage and Cure Sunshine Mirage in episodes 31 and 32.)
    • (Then it will happen to Tosuteki and Torippa in the movie. You just can't get enough brainwashing, can you?)
  • Broken Bird (Rose deals with the lose of her home, the Mirage Kingdom.)
  • By the Power of Grayskull! (Pretty Cure! Let's Mirage!)
  • Catch Phrase (Every Cure has a fighting-type catchphrase and a happy one. Cherry also has a sad one.)
  • Cherry Blossoms (The name of the town, Sakura, translates to this.)
  • Cross Over (Episodes 28-31's openings show all the Cures in it for a crossover movie.)
  • Dancing Theme (The two endings to this show bring the 3D CGI.)
  • Empty Eyes (Only when Cure Marine Mirage and Cure Sunshine Mirage are brainwashed.)
    • (This is repeated the same way with Tosuteki and Torippa.)
  • Everything's Better with Princesses (Rose is the princess of the Mirage Kingdom)
  • Evil Counterpart (Dark copies of the Cures in episodes 35 and 36.)
  • Evolving Credits (In episode 25's opening, Cure Moonlight Mirage is added as part of the team.)
  • Eye Colour Change (Cherry's go from blue to scarlet, Daisy's from blue to a darker shade of blue, Sunny's from blue to yellow, and Rose's from blue to purple.)
  • Floral Theme Naming (Cherry's derives from Cherry Blossom, Daisy's from the flower of the same name, Sunny's from sunflower, and Rose's from the flower of the same name.)
  • Four Girl Ensemble (Cherry and Daisy share the excited personality, Sunny is the introverted girl, and Rose is the wise, advice-giving girl of the group. There aren't any "mannish" girls unless you count Sunny's crossdressing Cure outfit.)
  • Good Eyes, Evil Eyes (Rose's eyes start out narrow unlike the others, but when her identity is revealed and she starts giving advice to Cherry and Daisy, her eyes become more like the others.)
    • (Also, in episode 32, Cure Marine Mirage and Cure Sunshine Mirage not only have empty eyes, but also more narrow eyes.)
  • Go Out with a Smile (In episode 36, with Kuro Blossom Mirage after being convinced by her good counterpart before dying.)
  • The Hero Dies (In episode 48, it happens to Cure Blossom Mirage. Don't get worked up though, because she is revived through Pretty Cure Trio Wave.)
  • How Do I Shot Web? (Cure Blossom Mirage in episode 1, and Cure Marine Mirage when finding out she has super speed.)
  • Image Song (Basically, every Cure has at least one, right?)
  • Love Confession (Sora privately confesses his feelings to Rose in episode 23.)
  • Magical Girl
  • Meaningful Name (Everyone has this, or else the names wouldn't be great, right?)
  • Meganekko (Cherry in episode 5, thanks to Daisy's dare, but quickly declines the glasses.)
  • Mid-Season Upgrade (Three fourths, to be exact, with the Super Mirage upgrade.)
  • Missing Mom (Daisy's mom died prior to the start of the season, explaining why she only lived with her father before his death as well. Then, she lived with her grandmother until she died as well!)
  • New Transfer Student (Sunny transfers to Sakura Middle & High School in episode 14.)
  • Non-Human Sidekick (The fairies.)
  • On The Next Episode Of Catchphrase (One or more Cures say "My/Our heart(s) will bloom without worries!")
  • Power Dyes Your Hair (The Cures have darker hair colors during their transformations. Usually it's the other way around!)
  • Power Makes Your Hair Grow (Sunny's hair grows longer right after shouting the transformation phrase.)
  • Power Trio (Before Sunny arrived, Cherry and Daisy were the two that would work together but come into some conflicts, while Rose was the wiser one of the trio and would give advice about being Pretty Cure.)
  • Puni Plush (And this art style hasn't happened since Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, now has it?)
  • Purple Eyes (Cure Moonlight Mirage; she is the Princess of Mirage Kingdom anyway!)
  • Real Women Don't Wear Dresses (Cure Sunshine Mirage. She does complain about it after her first transformation though.)
  • Red Herring (At first, Cherry suspected one of the Shimai twins, Yukai or Chie, to become the second Pretty Cure. Turns out it was Daisy, who actually learned Cherry's alter ego beforehand!)
    • (Then, the high school transfer student Anastasia Johnson was thought to become the missing Pretty Cure BEFORE it was revealed as ANOTHER transfer student, Sunny! Except this one was middle school.)
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship (Just about all duo combinations of the Cures make this, especially Cherry+any other Cure.)
  • Secret Test of Character (In episodes 35 and 36 because the Kuro Cures contain memories of the Cures' horrible pasts.)
  • Sixth Ranger (Sunny could be considered the Third/Fourth Ranger in actuality. She appears in episode 14, and does not accept the friendship that Cherry and Daisy offer. In the next episode, POOF! She joins the Pretty Cure officially and makes friends with the others.)
  • Sunny Sunflower Disposition (The background from Cure Sunshine Mirage's introduction.)
  • Time to Unlock More True Potential (Retrieving the Mirage Compact to become Super Mirage Cures.)
  • Transformation Sequence (It wouldn't be anything without it.)
  • Transformation Trinket (Mirage Modules for Cherry and Daisy, Shining Mirage Module for Sunny, Super Mirage Module for Rose, and the Mirage Compact.)
  • Verbal Tic (All of the fairies have this. Hana and Kira end sentences with their name, Miracle ends sentences with "kuru" and Bright ends sentences with "bu".)
  • Victim of the Week (Most episodes have a person going through a negative moment in their life, and then having their Mirage Soul taken.)
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair (The Cures have hair colors matching their theme colors, with two being unnatural.)
  • Your Soul Is Mine (Once someone's Mirage Soul starts turning black and is taken out, a Kurokokoro can be formed.)
  • Your Worst Nightmare (In episode 25, Daisy keeps on having nightmares about her mother's, father's, and grandmother's deaths and becoming an orphan, even though those events happened in real life.)