Fan Fic / Legend of Zelda: Sacred Reliquary

The Legend of Zelda: Sacred Reliquary is a Zelda fanfic by Sharper Than the Sword. It takes place during an undisclosed time during the history of Hyrule, and incorporates elements of all the games in unique ways. Characters from throughout the series show up in large roles or just as characters to fill in a given spot, but on the whole this is a unique take on The Legend of Zelda.

For starters... Instead of being Black and White Morality, it's decidedly more muddied. Hyrule Castle and the city surrounding it have grown immensely, and ruling over it all is Princess Zelda, a cold and aloof leader who many call a tyrant for allowing various cruelties to take place. Meanwhile, Ganondorf and his band of thieves and thugs try to bring change to the city, but do so in some unsavory ways.

Link finds himself caught in the middle of all of it, trying to find a way to stay true to himself and slowly being dragged into the fight.

Tropes found in Sacred Reliquary:

  • Unwanted Assistance: Navi is no longer allowed to help out the Gerudo for a reason.
  • What If?: Essentially the driving force behind the story seems to be: What if it was the Triforce of Wisdom which corrupted the bearer instead of the Triforce of Power?