A FanFic of the long running SuperSentai series. This fic actually has quite a bit of history in its hand. At first, it was a FanFic by an author known as Honoomaru. It was meant to be an alternate universe to one of his fics, only dealing with SuperSentai instead of KamenRider.

Or so he said.

One author realized that this fic is [[FollowTheLeader somewhat of a copy of one of his existing fics]]. That author was Redryuranger11 and that fic was ''FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger''.

Honoomaru wrote two ''FanFic/KodenSentaiKoukenger'' fics, one which was meant to be a remake of the original fic since he didn't like where the first fic was going. Both fics ended up only having two chapters.

Koukenger went through a long period without any updates, that was until Redryuranger11 started writing the fic, starting with a reboot.

Now ''FanFic/KodenSentaiKoukenger'' is a fic in the Redryuranger11 verse and features cameos from characters from ''FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger'', while also being a complete parody of Super Sentai in general.

The Redryuranger11 version which is the most recent one can be found [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6530803/1/Koden_Sentai_Koukengers here]]. The two originals that Honoomaru wrote can be found [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4805172/1/Koden_Sentai_Koukengers here]] and [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5028581/1/Koden_Sentai_Koukenger here]].

!!'''Tropes that these FanFic exhibit'''
* AccidentalPervert: Kiba accidentally fell on Asuka's butt, with his face, ''while his mouth was opened''. She was not amused.
* AwesomenessIsVolatile: Redryuranger11's version completely runs on this trope, citing it as the reason why there are explosions whenever the Rangers do their SuperSentaiStance, or citing it as a reason why monsters die, because certain characters and actions are just that awesome.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Sei in Honoomaru's version which leads to StrangledByTheRedString below. She's not this in Redryuranger11's version, but traces of this are still there especially when pertaining to [[CatGirl Nyana]].
* {{Expy}}: Essentially, all the characters end up being expies of the characters in ''FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger'', a trait that Redryuranger11 picked up.
** Shiroi Tora happens to be Ryu pre Remake. He was pretty much a MartyStu that could do a lot of stuff, had somewhat of a UnwantedHarem going on and ends up being the hero to all. Redryuranger11's version notably toned Shiroi down, making him less of of a MartyStu, but still keeping Shiroi's personality intact. He's not really a Ryu Remake Version expy, instead Redryuranger11's version of Shiroi kind of seems like a Ryuuji expy.
** Kuro Kame had some of Rai's earlier jerk tendencies. Redryuranger11's version instead changes Kuro's personality completely and makes him instead a boisterous badass. He's still sort of Rai's expy in that Kuro is the [[StudentCouncilPresident Student Council]] [[SubvertedTrope ''Vice'']] [[StudentCouncilPresident President]].
** Kiba Unido was meant to be Lee's expy in that both were athletic.
** Asuka Tendou was pretty much a Karen clone. Redryuranger11 even {{Lampshaded}} this in one of his author notes, claiming that he almost always kept writing Karen instead of Asuka when he was writing the fic.
** Sei Tenshi might've been a Ryn expy in Honoomaru's story, but in Redryuranger11's, it's obvious that she's Ryn's expy. They both have their hair in ponytails and both are childhood friends to TheHero.
** According to [[WordOfGod Honoomaru]], Rikuo was meant to be Kai's expy. He also had Takeshi-sensei's tendency to punish others, except Rikuo's are [[UpToEleven much worse.]]
*** It gets even more funnier when Redryuranger11 puts Kai in the story as one of the villains and has Kai alongside Rikuo.
** Ryuuji Ryuki. True to form, he's supposed to be the [[StrictlyFormula obligatory 'Ryu']] of Redryuranger11's story. It's actually a subversion. He's the obligatory Ryu, but Ryuki is completely different from any of the past Ryus, and Ryuki is the complete opposite of his namesake.
* FiveManBand: Wouldn't be Sentai without it.
** TheLeader: '''[[color:red:Shiroi Tora]]'''
** TheLancer: '''Kuro Kame'''
** TheBigGuy: '''[[color:blue:Kiba Unido]]'''
** TheSmartGuy: '''[[color:fuchsia:Sei Tenshi]]'''
** TheChick: '''[[color:yellow:Asuka Tendou]]'''
** The Partner Beasts end up having their own combination, but it's different
*** TheLeader: Shiroi's partner '''[[color:silver:Nyana]]'''
*** TheLancer: Kiba's partner '''[[color:crimson:Ryuki]]'''[[note]]due to being the resident jerk[[/note]]
*** TheBigGuy: Asuka's partner '''[[color:orange:Kiriko]]'''[[note]]due to being a GenkiGirl[[/note]]
*** TheSmartGuy: Sei's partner '''[[color:magenta:Suzuka]]'''
*** TheChick: Kuro's partner '''[[color:pink:Mizuko]]'''
* FiveBadBand
* InTheNameOfTheMoon: [[MundaneMadeAwesome It Freezes up enemies, not given them a chance to move and when the rangers are done, THE ENEMIES DIE!]]
* MundaneMadeAwesome: In story, doing a Sentai Pose actually freezes up enemies and kills off grunts. If only the rangers had a longer roll call, then the story might've already ended.
* NamesTheSame: In Universe. Kuro-sensei's surname and Kuro Kame's given name are the exact same (Kuro). This is pretty much why Kuro Kame is one of Kuro-sensei's favorite (ex)students.
* OddNameOut: For whatever reason, the Kouken Beasts are all named Kouken 'whatever the animal is', but the giant Chimera mech is named ''Koden''Chimera.
* RealMenWearPink: Kuro Kame. He has the most feminine mecha out of the whole entire cast, and his partner beast happens to take a form of a ShrinkingViolet in pink, and he's the [[RunningGag obligatory crossdresser]] of Redryuranger11's story. He also happens to be the most badass of the rangers.
* SuperSentaiStance: When the rangers do this, the grunts all explode!
* TheReveal: Redryuranger11's fic revealed that Kuro-sensei from ''FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger'' Prologue of Courage is [[FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger Rai and Reika's]] grandfather.
* WhyDontYouJustShootHim: The monsters can't during Roll Call, because they just freeze up. And then die.
* YouAreNumberSix: The first grunt to die upon hear the Roll Call happened to be referred to as Number Six by the monster. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny He was his favorite]].