A FanFic of the long running SuperSentai series. This fic actually has quite a bit of history in its hand. At first, it was a FanFic by an author known as Honoomaru. It was meant to be an alternate universe to one of his fics, only dealing with SuperSentai instead of Franchise/KamenRider.

Or so he said.

One author realized that this fic is [[FollowTheLeader somewhat of a copy of one of his existing fics]]. That author was Redryuranger11 and that fic was ''FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger''.

Honoomaru wrote two ''FanFic/KodenSentaiKoukenger'' fics, one which was meant to be a remake of the original fic since he didn't like where the first fic was going. Both fics ended up only having two chapters.

Koukenger went through a long period without any updates, that was until Redryuranger11 started writing the fic, starting with a reboot.

Now ''FanFic/KodenSentaiKoukenger'' is a fic in the Redryuranger11 verse and features cameos from characters from ''FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger'', while also being a complete parody of Super Sentai in general.

The Redryuranger11 version which is the most recent one can be found [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6530803/1/Koden_Sentai_Koukengers here]]. The two originals that Honoomaru wrote can be found [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4805172/1/Koden_Sentai_Koukengers here]] and [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5028581/1/Koden_Sentai_Koukenger here]].

!!'''Tropes that these FanFic exhibit'''
* AccidentalPervert: Kiba accidentally fell on Asuka's butt, with his face, ''while his mouth was opened''. She was not amused.
* AwesomenessIsVolatile: Redryuranger11's version completely runs on this trope, citing it as the reason why there are explosions whenever the Rangers do their SuperSentaiStance, or citing it as a reason why monsters die, because certain characters and actions are just that awesome.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Sei in Honoomaru's version which leads to StrangledByTheRedString below. She's not this in Redryuranger11's version, but traces of this are still there especially when pertaining to [[CatGirl Nyana]].
* {{Expy}}: Essentially, all the characters end up being expies of the characters in ''FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger'', a trait that Redryuranger11 picked up.
** Shiroi Tora happens to be Ryu pre Remake. He was pretty much a MartyStu that could do a lot of stuff, had somewhat of a UnwantedHarem going on and ends up being the hero to all. Redryuranger11's version notably toned Shiroi down, making him less of of a MartyStu, but still keeping Shiroi's personality intact. He's not really a Ryu Remake Version expy, instead Redryuranger11's version of Shiroi kind of seems like a Ryuuji expy.
** Kuro Kame had some of Rai's earlier jerk tendencies. Redryuranger11's version instead changes Kuro's personality completely and makes him instead a boisterous badass. He's still sort of Rai's expy in that Kuro is the [[StudentCouncilPresident Student Council]] [[SubvertedTrope ''Vice'']] [[StudentCouncilPresident President]].
** Kiba Unido was meant to be Lee's expy in that both were athletic.
** Asuka Tendou was pretty much a Karen clone. Redryuranger11 even {{Lampshaded}} this in one of his author notes, claiming that he almost always kept writing Karen instead of Asuka when he was writing the fic.
** Sei Tenshi might've been a Ryn expy in Honoomaru's story, but in Redryuranger11's, it's obvious that she's Ryn's expy. They both have their hair in ponytails and both are childhood friends to TheHero.
** According to [[WordOfGod Honoomaru]], Rikuo was meant to be Kai's expy. He also had Takeshi-sensei's tendency to punish others, except Rikuo's are [[UpToEleven much worse.]]
*** It gets even more funnier when Redryuranger11 puts Kai in the story as one of the villains and has Kai alongside Rikuo.
** Ryuuji Ryuki. True to form, he's supposed to be the [[StrictlyFormula obligatory 'Ryu']] of Redryuranger11's story. It's actually a subversion. He's the obligatory Ryu, but Ryuki is completely different from any of the past Ryus, and Ryuki is the complete opposite of his namesake.
* FiveManBand: Wouldn't be Sentai without it.
** TheLeader: '''[[color:red:Shiroi Tora]]'''
** TheLancer: '''Kuro Kame'''
** TheBigGuy: '''[[color:blue:Kiba Unido]]'''
** TheSmartGuy: '''[[color:fuchsia:Sei Tenshi]]'''
** TheChick: '''[[color:yellow:Asuka Tendou]]'''
** The Partner Beasts end up having their own combination, but it's different
*** TheLeader: Shiroi's partner '''[[color:silver:Nyana]]'''
*** TheLancer: Kiba's partner '''[[color:crimson:Ryuki]]'''[[note]]due to being the resident jerk[[/note]]
*** TheBigGuy: Asuka's partner '''[[color:orange:Kiriko]]'''[[note]]due to being a GenkiGirl[[/note]]
*** TheSmartGuy: Sei's partner '''[[color:magenta:Suzuka]]'''
*** TheChick: Kuro's partner '''[[color:pink:Mizuko]]'''
* FiveBadBand
* InTheNameOfTheMoon: [[MundaneMadeAwesome It Freezes up enemies, not given them a chance to move and when the rangers are done, THE ENEMIES DIE!]]
* MundaneMadeAwesome: In story, doing a Sentai Pose actually freezes up enemies and kills off grunts. If only the rangers had a longer roll call, then the story might've already ended.
* NamesTheSame: In Universe. Kuro-sensei's surname and Kuro Kame's given name are the exact same (Kuro). This is pretty much why Kuro Kame is one of Kuro-sensei's favorite (ex)students.
* OddNameOut: For whatever reason, the Kouken Beasts are all named Kouken 'whatever the animal is', but the giant Chimera mech is named ''Koden''Chimera.
* RealMenWearPink: Kuro Kame. He has the most feminine mecha out of the whole entire cast, and his partner beast happens to take a form of a ShrinkingViolet in pink, and he's the [[RunningGag obligatory crossdresser]] of Redryuranger11's story. He also happens to be the most badass of the rangers.
* SuperSentaiStance: When the rangers do this, the grunts all explode!
* TheReveal: Redryuranger11's fic revealed that Kuro-sensei from ''FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger'' Prologue of Courage is [[FanFic/ElementalSentaiKodenranger Rai and Reika's]] grandfather.
* WhyDontYouJustShootHim: The monsters can't during Roll Call, because they just freeze up. And then die.
* YouAreNumberSix: The first grunt to die upon hear the Roll Call happened to be referred to as Number Six by the monster. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny He was his favorite]].