Fan Fic / I Carlys Father

Shay: Mr. Lewbert, I have spent the last eleven hours in the air and I am not in the mood or inclination to deal with your nonsense. If you would kindly shut your mouth about your floor, I would appreciate it.
Lewbert: Yes, sir.
Shay: I'm Colonel Shay; I rent Apartment Eight-C. Do you know if my children are home?

iCarly's Father is an iCarly Fan Fic by Snapplelinz. The story is mostly told from the perspective of Colonel Shay, Carly and Spencer's canon-absent parent, returning from a joint tour in the Airforce/Navy?. He comes home to find his daughter, her two quirky best friends, his son keeping a four-year secret from him, and a number of unsavory characters that the Freudian Trio has encountered and had to contend with repeatedly.

Enter Fixer Sue who uses his years of life experience to better the lives of Carly and Spencer, while picking up on the subtle, repressed romance blossoming between his daughter and a certain tech producer.

Better than it sounds.

Note: This story was made before information about the iCarly series finale, iGoodbye, was released, and as such, it may be best to wait for the series conclusion prior to reading this story.


  • Deconstruction Fic: of the entire iCarly cast and their antagonists.
  • Fix Fic
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Colonel Shay delivers these to Freddie's mom, Lewbert, Spencer, and others. Pretty much anyone who served as an antagonist at least once on the show is fair game.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Colonel Shay delivers one to Spencer about using Carly's money to fix her room because he destroyed it, when she could have used it on college and the like, and about hiding his dropping out of law school to become an artist from him. Later he calls Sam out for her delinquency, then Carly for leading Freddie along for so long.