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Fan Fic: How To Hire A Ninja Maid
How To Hire a Ninja Maid is the brainchild of Liangnui and entirely too many seasons of Naruto. Originally conceived more as a series of oneshots than as a coherent story, it's essentially designed to answer one question: "What would Yu-Gi-Oh! have been like if Mokuba had actually had a competent bodyguard?" Answer: A lot more surreal than it already was.

After Mokuba's been kidnapped one too many times, Seto decides that something has to change. So, using the suggestions of his recently-rescued younger brother (courtesy of Yugi, of course), Seto decides to get a new bodyguard with entirely different criteria. The candidate must be strong, smart, experienced, and...willing to dress up as the family maid?

What follows is a madcap adventure more in line with what a universe running on card games and crack should really look like—otherwise known as a complete and utter farce. Join Mokuba (the world's only dedicated Seto Kaiba fanboy), Seto (also known as the richest sixteen-year-old ex-psycho supergenius ever), and their newest hires, the deadly ninja Sonozaki Kotone/Akiko (who has all the personality of a brick) and her sister Houjou Setsuna (the resident crazy engineering student and yaoi fangirl) on their journey to thwart kidnappers, ancient Egyptian laser beams, and the starfish-haired Chosen One himself.

Because to do otherwise would be boring.

The story is best described as Troperiffic at best and Trope Overdosed at worst. And strangely funny.

The cast list is here.

How To Hire a Ninja Maid includes examples of:

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alternative title(s): How To Hire A Ninja Maid
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