Fan Fic / Futari Wa Pretty Cure Cultivation

Futari wa Pretty Cure Cultivation is a fanseries written by Inay42 of Livejournal and Purifanstar, and it's a fictional Alternate Continuities for Pretty Cure. It puts an emphasis on farming and medicine, with the cures being named after herbs, spices, vegetables, plants and medicines.

Kurajo, the ruler of Shirosekai (the Castle World) and his army of birds laid siege to the inhabitants of the peaceful and rural Niwachi (the Garden Land). He destroyed the legendary Garden Fountain and poisoned the groundwater, leaving Niwachi without a way to irrigate new crops, slowly but surely starving the population and causing planet-wide famines and chaos. Later, this attack had been revaled to be a small part of Kurajo's bigger plan: to take over all parallel worlds under his watch. Then, 6 bronco-like fairies were sent to the human world to search for the legendary warriors named Pretty Cures to defend the parallel worlds against Kurajo's evil deeds.

The Pretty Cures:
  • Rani Togarashi Bell (Cure Pepper): The Hero, as well as the leader of the team early on. Her cousin, Alumit/Cure Allium becomes the true leader as we progress. She is 16 years old, shy and introverted from her history of being targeted for bullying due to her being a Muslim (and for being Jewish in her childhood).
  • Alameda Karai Blanco (Cure Salt): The brunette lovable libby, born in Seville, Spain to a rich family who runs two salt factories in Japan and Spain. 16 years old. Roman Catholic. Real Madrid supporter. Often looks down on people who she considers inferior, and spoiled.
  • Taima Matsui (Cure Cannabis): 17 years old. She works part time at a hospital, plus her mother, Aika, was a famous herbalist, and she wants to be one just like her. She loves the New York Yankees and Cleveland Browns. She is also a buddhist, environmentalist, and claims her home has no waste.
  • Mitzi Kokumotsu Gardner (Cure Maize): 17 year old tomboyish girl. She is multiracial: half-African American, 25% Japanese, 25% Serbian & Albanian. She is on the water polo team for her high school, and later plays for the local baseball team the Stormguard Tsunamis. She makes bets with her boyfriend Mario Moretti often.
  • Neliasante Nasubi Bellamy (Cure Aubergine): Tied for the youngest Pretty Cure on the team at 14 along with Imani Moretti/Cure Viola. She and her sister Shakira run the successful Tokyo Sushi store. Ardent fashionista, loves her two pet dogs Bernard and Margaret, and on the fashion club at Adler Grundschule.
  • Shakira Bellamy (Cure Cocoa): 15 years old. The geek of the team, loves computers, and like her sister Nasubi, loves running Tokyo Sushi and her two dogs.

Garden Landers:
  • Igen Goldfield/The Golden Bronco: The king bronco of Niwachi who sent the fairies over to the Ocean World (Earth) in search for the Cures.
  • Rodney Oswald Oide/Oslo: The wizard bronco and Golden's assistant.

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